June 6, 2013

Featured business person: Ella Remitar

Ella Remitar

Ella Remitar

Nurse practitioner, Via Christ Health

Remitar, a native of the Philippines, went into nursing as a way of getting to the United States.

She found that the job has its own rewards.

“I just like helping people,” she said. “That’s who I am.”

Remitar, 38, graduated from nursing school in the Philippines in 1994 and moved to New York two years later to join her mother. When an expected job there didn’t work out, she found a job at a nursing home in Dexter, Kan., through an employment agency.

She stayed there three years, becoming director of nursing and also working at a nursing home in Oxford. In 2000, she married Rex, her high school sweetheart from the Philippines, and moved with him to Wichita. A former marine engineer, he went back to school and is now also a nurse with Via Christi.

Remitar became certified as a nurse practitioner in 2006 and has worked in several areas of the hospital, including family practice, cardiology and the emergency room.

She recently moved to the hospitalist staff. Hospitalist is a fairly new trend in health care, referring to doctors and nurses who specialize in the care of patients in the hospital.

“You get to help more of the patients and get connected with them,” Remitar said.

The Remitars have two children, Drew, 3, and Derek, 11. In addition to spending time with her family, Ella said she’s very involved in Wichita’s Filipino community. “We go to any organization activity they do.”

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