Corporate filings (March 21)

03/21/2013 12:00 AM

03/20/2013 3:55 PM

Salt Media, Llc, 216 N Mosley, Ste 260,Wichita,Ks, 67202

Schmidtberger Oilfield Services, Llc,E.W. Shaw, 202 W. Broadway,Enid,Ok, 73701

Sechrest Llc, 8100 E 21,Wichita,Ks, 67226

Sentinel Diversified Acquisitions, Llc, 830 S Woodlawn Blvd,Suite 150, Wichita,Ks, 67218

Shotem And Caughtem, Llc, 388 N Hydraulic,Wichita,Ks, 67214

Shree Sadhi Llc, 3805 W 21 St,Wichita,Ks, 67203

Siegler Aviation Services Inc.,Thomas Siegler,Po Box 771311, Wichita,Ks, 67277

Simon Farms Partnership, Llc, 30812 W. 13th Street North, Garden Plain,Ks, 67050

Simple Installations Llc, 407 N 1st,Colwich,Ks, 67030

Simplicity Marketing Llc, 2237 W 24th St. N.,Wichita,Ks, 67204

Singer Holdings Llc,245 N Waco,Suite 260, Wichita,Ks, 67202

Six Oaks, Llc,1707 N Waterfront Pkwy, Wichita,Ks, 67206

Smith Bakeries, Inc., 823 Briarwood, Derby, Ks, 67037

Solutions By Design, Llc, 202 N. Park Avenue,Maize, Ks, 67101

Southlake Village Apartments, Llc,Brent Davis,4141 S Seneca, Wichita,Ks, 67217

Stone Hard Pavers Construction Llc,2629 N Charles, Wichita,Ks, 67204

Sun Rock Valley, Llc, 14113 W Bluegrass Ct.,Wichita,Ks, 67235

Supercell Development And Promotion, Inc.,William J. Darrah,225 N. Market, Suite 300,Wichita,Ks, 67202

Sweeties Gourmet Coffee And Candies Llc,Donna Mathis, 222 N 2nd Ave, Mulvane,Ks, 67110

T & J Investments, Llc,1313 N Webb Road,Suite 100, Wichita,Ks, 67206

Tafoya Business Developments, Llc, 6300 N 279th Street,West,Mount Hope,Ks, 67108

Tamel Holdings Llc, 1421 E Grand Avenue, Haysville,Ks, 67060

The Lawrence Gateway Investors, Llc, 1707 N Waterfront Pkwy, Wichita,Ks, 67206

The Terezin Composers Project Foundation,3934. E Elm Street,Wichita,Ks, 67208

Tnt, Llc, 2843 N 215th Street West,Colwich,Ks, 67030

Tovar Construction Llc,1707 E Scott St,Wichita,Ks, 67216

Tresner Investments Llc, 1512 N Ridgehurst St.,Wichita,Ks, 67230

Triad Logistics Services Corporation, 314 Laurie Street, Melbourne,Fl, 32935

Trust Women (And Change The World) Foundation, Inc., 200 W Douglas Ave., Suite 600, Wichita,Ks, 67202

Usa Pilot And Escort Services, Llc,3909 Litchfield,Wichita,Ks, 67204

Valerie Reich Agency Inc, 2400 N Woodlawn, #150,Wichita,Ks, 67220

Venture Investments, Inc., Amy J. Liebau,150 N. Market, Wichita,Ks, 67202

Vosburgh Jr. Family Limited Partnership, 8100 E. 22nd St. North,Building 2300 Ayesh Law Office, Wichita,Ks, 67226

Vosburgh Jr. Investments Limited Partnership, 8100 E. 22nd St. North,Building 2300,Wichita,Ks, 67226

Vu Properties Llc, 12121 E Andrea Street,Wichita,Ks, 67207

Waldenmeyer Investments Limited Partnership, 8100 E. 22nd St. North,Building 2300,Wichita,Ks, 67226

Waldenmyer Family Limited Partnership, 8100 E. 22nd St. North,Building 2300,Wichita,Ks, 67226

Wapenschaw Llc, 8100 E 21, Suite 600, Wichita,Ks, 67226

Weechahla Llc,1737 S Fern St, Wichita,Ks, 67213 , Weechahla Llc, 1737 S Fern St, Wichita,Ks, 67213

West Wichita Venture Group, Llc,100 S Main,Suite 600, Wichita,Ks, 67202

Westbank Partners, Llc,1223 N Rock Road,Bldg E, Suite 200,Wichita,Ks, 67206

Wichita Cabinet Refacing Llc,12610 W Hardtner Cir, Wichita,Ks, 67235

Wichita Fitness Academy Llc, 11417 W Central Park St, Wichita,Ks, 67205

Wild West Communications, Llc, 107 N Broadview,Wichita,Ks, 67208

Wm Dakan, Lc, 1704 N. Rocky Glen,Wichita,Ks, 67230

Woolsey Companies, Inc., 125 N. Market St. Ste 1000, Wichita,Ks, 67202

Woolsey Investments, Llc, 125 N Market Suite 1000, Wichita,Ks, 67202

Yankee Echo, Llc,13214 Castlewood, Wichita,Ks, 67230

Your Fresh Start Corp., 1320 Lipscomb Rd,Unit D, Ft.Worth, Tx, 76104

Zachary Martinez Construction Llc, 1313 E Pine Tree Rd, Derby, Ks, 67037

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