Corporate filings (March 7)

03/07/2013 12:00 AM

03/06/2013 2:57 PM

Jaxspe1, Llc,Jaxspe, Llc,8415 E 21st St N,Ste 100,Wichita,Ks, 67206

Jaycat Properties, Llc,9100 E. 29th St. N., Wichita,Ks, 67226

Jcb, Llc, 8500 Killarney, Wichita,Ks, 67206

Jj Fanello Holdings Llc, 3200 E. 83rd St. S., Derby, Ks, 67037

Jla Holdings, Llc, 9023 S Anderson Rd., Sedgwick, Ks, 67135

Jla Properties, Llc, 9023 S Anderson Rd., Sedgwick, Ks, 67135

Johnston's Charitable Foundation, 12111 East 21st Street North, Wichita,Ks, 67206

Jph Mobile Stores, Llc,3029 N Tee Time,Wichita,Ks, 67205

Just Diabetic Supplies, Llc, 345 N Riverview, Suite 600, Wichita,Ks, 67203

Jym Distribution Llc, 3406 Grandview, Wichita,Ks, 67218

K3 Holdings, Llc, 3636 N. Topeka, Wichita,Ks, 67219

Kamen Gt, Llc,151 N Rock Island,Suite 1a,Wichita,Ks, 67202

Kansas Rheumatology Alliance, Inc., 1921 N. Webb Road, Wichita,Ks, 67206

Kellogg & Armour, Llc, 6215 E Kellogg, Wichita,Ks, 67218

Kent Homes Llc, 2328 S Goebel Circle, Wichita,Ks, 67207

Key Jasper Holdings, Llc, 741 W Second Street, Wichita,Ks, 67203

Key To Success Corp., 555 Elizabeth Ave,Apt 2b, Newark,Nj, 07115

Key Viper, Llc, 741 W 2nd St,Wichita,Ks, 67203

Kjj Realty, Llc, 300 W. Douglas,Suite 500, Wichita,Ks, 67202

Klepper Farms, Llc, 2725 Boulevard Plaza,Wichita,Ks, 67211

Koppers Family Limited Partnership, 8100 E. 22nd St. North,Building 2300 Ayesh Law Office, Wichita,Ks, 67226

Koppers Investments Limited Partnership, 8100 E. 22nd St. North,Building 2300 Ayesh Law Office, Wichita,Ks, 67226

Ks1, Llc, 1551 N Waterfront Parkway,Suite 100, Wichita,Ks, 67206

Lair Enterprises, Llc, 926 Preserve, Wichita,Ks, 67206

Lark Label Llc, 9415 E Harry,Suite 703, Wichita,Ks, 67207

Lauer Rentals Llc, 520 S Broadview St,Wichita,Ks, 67218

Leadership Fellowship, Inc., 6335 N Wendell St,Park City,Ks, 67219

Lemons Family, Llc, 15215 E Central Ave., Wichita,Ks, 67230

Linda Seiwert Real Estate Llc, 3813 N Watercress Ct, Maize, Ks, 67101

Main Street Apartments Usa, Llc,2959 N Rock Road,Suite 300, Wichita,Ks, 67226

Make Ict Institute, 209 Joann St., Wichita,Ks, 67203

Marine Investments Llc,8100 E 22nd St,Suite 600, Wichita,Ks, 67226

Marteney, Percival & Finch Llc, 1112 Trail Ridge Dr., Derby, Ks, 67037

Martin Refrigeration Llc, 67 Walnut Way, Warrensburg, Mo, 64093

Megwes International Inc, 14726 E 9th Street,Wichita,Ks, 67230

Melat Lp, 1421 E Grand Ave, Haysville,Ks, 67060

Mg Ventures, Llc, 11 Hopper Court,Goddard,Ks, 67052

Mid-American Supply Corporation, 8100 East 22nd Street North, Building 2300,Wichita,Ks, 67226

Midwest Asset Insurance Consultants Llc, 1603 N. Chapel Hill St.,Ste: 100,Wichita,Ks, 67206

Mitchell Media Services Llc, 807 N Waco, Wichita,Ks, 67230

Mm Disposal, Llc, 2756 S. West St., Wichita,Ks, 67217

Mobile Master Llc, 544 S Ridge Rd, Wichita,Ks, 67209

Mobile Wound Care Llc, 2260 N Ridge Road, Wichita,Ks, 67205

Moes Mart Llc,1415 N Hillside,Wichita,Ks, 67214

Mott Homes, Llc, P.O. Box 941,Derby, Ks, 67037

Mrw Land Company, Llc, 250 N Water,Suite 250, Wichita,Ks, 67202

Mrw Legacy Holdings Llc, 250 N Water,Suite 300, Wichita,Ks, 67202

Murfin Investments, Llc, 250 N Water,Suite 300, Wichita,Ks, 67202

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