Corporate filings (Jan. 24)

01/24/2013 12:00 AM

01/23/2013 2:57 PM

J&M Management Services Inc.,341-1 Union St.,Clarksville, Tn, 37043

Jd Aerotech Engineering Services, Inc.,7623 Huntington,Wichita,Ks, 67206

Jedex, Llc, 8301 E. 21st Street North, Suite 450, Wichita,Ks, 67206

Jma Investment Holdings, Llc, 1525 Woodridge Dr.,Wichita,Ks, 67206

Jobs U Make Possible, Llc,4031 E Harry Street,Wichita,Ks, 67218

John's Pita Bakery Llc, 5616 E Lincoln,Wichita,Ks, 67218

Jr Investments, Llc,4648 N Oliver Street,Bel Aire, Ks, 67220

Kaigee Inc,201 S St Francis,Wichita,Ks, 67202

Kansas Language Access Services Llc,8943 E Boxthorn Ct.,Wichita,Ks, 67226

Kansas Racquetball Association,12829 W Hendryx Ct,Wichita,Ks, 67235

Kari D. Vitosh, Lcpc, Ncc, Llc,400 N Woodlawn,Suite 106, Wichita,Ks, 67208

Kelsey's Gift Foundation,1323 S Laura Street,Wichita,Ks, 67211

Kilgore Enterprises, Llc, 2626 N. Spring Meadow,Wichita,Ks, 67205

Kili, Inc.,248 N Quentin,Wichita,Ks, 67208

Kitman Aviation, Llc, 2413 Graystone,Wichita,Ks, 67228

Ko Concessions, Llc,1819 S Shiloh,Wichita,Ks, 67207

L & V Property Group, Llc,14931 E Sharon Ln.,Wichita,Ks, 67230

Lair Investments Llc, Julie B. Lair, 2130 Keeneland Circle,Wichita,Ks, 67226

Lakepoint Catering, Llc, 300 West Douglas Avenue,Suite 500, Wichita,Ks, 67202

Larry D. Fleming Charitable Foundation, 10610 E. 26th Circle North,Wichita,Ks, 67226

Laser Source Llc, 7925 N. Hudson Ave Suite C,Oklahoma City,Ok, 73114

Linc Enterprises, Llc,1601 E Oak Forest Rd,Derby, Ks, 67037

Ls Investing, Llc,834 N Glenmoor Drive,Wichita,Ks, 67206

Luxury Import Autos Llc,5817 N Broadway,Park City, Ks, 67219

M & C Holdings, L.L.C.,125 N Market St, Suite 1600, Wichita,Ks, 67202

M2 Real Estate Property Solutions, Llc, 215 S Brownthrush Circle,Wichita,Ks, 67218

Mad Hatter, L.L.C., 2101 Crooked Pine,Wichita,Ks, 67230

Mandina 526 El Dorado Llc,1660 N Tyler,Wichita,Ks, 67212

Mark Bell Properties, L.L.C.,801 W Douglas Ave,Wichita,Ks, 67213

Mars, L.C.,7701 E Kellogg,Suite 895, Wichita,Ks, 67207

Mcpherson Fitness Llc,6100 E Central Ave, Suite #3,Wichita,Ks, 67208

Merestone Surveying Llc, 450 N. 159th St East, Suite A,Wichita,Ks, 67230.

Mkn Recruiting Services, Llc,250 N Montbella Circle,Wichita,Ks, 67230

Moxi Junction, Llc, 2626 N. Spring Meadow,Wichita,Ks, 67205

Moxi Living, Llc, 2626 N. Spring Meadow,Wichita,Ks, 67205

Muskegon Gifts, Llc, Muskegon Gifts, Llc, 8100 E. 22nd St. North, Building 900, Wichita,Ks, 67226

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