Local inventor hopes to launch computerized fishing pole

12/29/2012 7:04 AM

12/29/2012 7:05 AM

A Wichita man has been granted a utility patent for a computerized fishing pole called the Poletap SmartRod, and he’s now trying to launch the product into the retail market.

Edward Pope, who runs Audio Visual Services, received the patent on the technology in the pole, which he says works similarly to technology in the Nintendo Wii and iPhones, using computer controlled accelerometer technology so that the pole can detect when a fish is biting.

“I think this could possibly become the standard for fishing in general. It’s still in its infancy. We’ll see how the fishing community responds to it,” Pope said.

The water resistant pole will retail for $55 to $70, depending on whether a reel is purchased with it.

It can be purchased on Indiegogo, where Pope launched a campaign earlier this week to raise $50,000.

This isn’t Pope’s first venture into the fishing world. He said his company, Tackobox, also created the Original Pole Tap several years ago, an accessory that helps detect when fish bite.

The pole has some electronic components from the U.S. and is manufactured in China. Pope’s goal is to eventually manufacture the SmartRod in Kansas if the fishing community embraces it.

The SmartRod has different bite sensitivity settings and alerts the fisherman to a bite with a light and alarm that can be turned off. The alarm automatically shuts off once a person begins to reel in the fish.

For more information, go to www.indiegogo.com/smartrod.

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