Corporate filings (Oct. 11)

10/11/2012 12:00 AM

10/09/2012 11:20 AM

Sagamore Ventures, L.L.C.,8801 S. Yale Ave., Suite 420, Tulsa,Ok,74137

Semple Enterprises, Llc, 315 S Dexter Ave, Valley Center ,Ks,67147

Shaw & Young Llc, 750 Marcilene Terrace, Wichita ,Ks,67218

Shelton Enterprises, Inc.,1551 N. Waterfront Parkway ,Suite 100,Wichita ,Ks,67206

Shisha Hookah Bar, Llc,5118 E Pine, Wichita ,Ks,67208

Soul Train Inc. ,Fredrick Barnes,1508 S. Sedgwick, Wichita ,Ks,67216

Standstrong Llc, 1830 W Harry Street, Wichita ,Ks,67213

Sterling Investment Services, Llc ,Sterling Investment Services ,P.O. Box 730, Cheney ,Ks,67025

Stoney River, Llc, 1442 S Laura St., Wichita ,Ks,67211

Sunflower Ventures Llc, 406 E Teal Lane, Cheney ,Ks,67025

Super China Star Inc, 5825 W Central Avenue, Wichita ,Ks,67212

Superior Casing, Llc, 31 Stonebridge Cir, Wichita ,Ks,67201

Superior Garage Solutions, Llc, 156 S Greenwood, Wichita ,Ks,67211

Synovim Healthcare Solutions, Inc.,Dennis L. Gillen ,8301 E. 21st Street North ,Suite 450,Wichita ,Ks,67206

Taytrav, Llc ,Gary Ritthaler ,2918 E. Kite, Wichita ,Ks,67219

Tendo Jr, Llc, 823 N Pine Grove St, Wichita ,Ks,67212

Texakan Resources, Llc,6042 E. 13th St., Wichita ,Ks,67208

The King Of Dents Incorporated, 252 N Mosley, Wichita ,Ks,67202

The Ultimate E-Shop, Llc, 151 S Lamar Ave, Haysville ,Ks,67060

Tipperary Properties Llc, 9335 Bent Tree Circle, Wichita ,Ks,67226

Tomlinson Restaurant Group, Llc, 3629 N Hydraulic, Wichita ,Ks,67219

Top Construction & Maintenance Services, Llc, 612 Mulberry, Derby,Ks,67037

Total Design, Llc ,300 W. Murdock, Wichita ,Ks,67203

Trade Loop Homes, L.L.C., 8314 W. Meadow Park, Wichita ,Ks,67205

Tribute Monument Works Llc ,,4535 E 61st St N, Kechi,Ks,67067

Tucker Limousine Inc., 142 S Ballard Drive, Haysville ,Ks,67060

Tuma's Family Kitchen, Inc., 1513 W Lotus, Wichita ,Ks,67213

Turf Green Usa L.L.C., 111 S Whittier, Wichita ,Ks,67207

Twin Electric Lp, 4108 S Laura St, Wichita ,Ks,67216

Universal Entities Inc. ,1532 East St., Andover ,Ks,67002

Vi-J, Llc ,Mark G. Ayesh ,8100 E. 22nd Street N. ,Building 2300, Suite 2 ,Wichita ,Ks,67226

Visions Properties, Llc ,2323 N. Ohio, Augusta ,Ks,67010

Vla, Llc, 3101 N Rock Road ,Suite 125,Wichita ,Ks,67226

Vredenburg Medical Llc,1947 N. Jackson, Wichita ,Ks,67203

Vredenburg Properties, Llc ,1947 N. Jackson, Wichita ,Ks,67203

Wagle & West, Llc, 154 N Emporia, Wichita ,Ks,67202

Washabuck Oilfield Services Llc, 1223 N Rock Rd ,Suite I-100 ,Wichita ,Ks,67206

Waste Link Inc, 3404 N Emporia, Wichita ,Ks,67219

Water Washed Air Inc. ,6801 W. Par Ln. #804, Wichita ,Ks,67212

Webb And 21, Llc, 150 N Market, Wichita ,Ks,67202

Wellness Place Llc, 7804 E Funston ,Suite 214,Wichita ,Ks,67207

Wichita North High School Alumni Association ,3138 Lakecrest, Wichita ,Ks,67205

Wichita Seal Coat, Llc, 5701 S Pattie, Wichita ,Ks,67216

Wichita Wakesurfing Llc, 1873 Saddle Brooke, Haysville ,Ks,67060

Williston Water Management, Llc,727 N. Waco, Suite 400, Wichita ,Ks,67203

Yost Investments, Llc ,P.O. Box 47041, Wichita ,Ks,67201

Your Image Production Studio Llc, 2745 Boulevard Plaza, Wichita ,Ks,67211

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