Corporate filings (Sept. 20)

09/20/2012 12:00 AM

09/19/2012 1:37 PM

D Best Beauty Supply Llc, 1016 S Oliver St, Wichita ,Ks,67218

David's 381st Llc, 1211 E Mona Cir, Wichita ,Ks,67216

Devoted Bookkeeping Llc, 401 Apple Ct, Haysville ,Ks,67060

Di Vivar Llc ,601 N Penn Avenue, Independence ,Ks,67301

Dme Electronics Company, Inc. ,170 Cain, Haysville ,Ks,67060

Douglas A Friesen Holdings, Llc, 10014 W Greenspoint, Wichita ,Ks,67205

Douglas Dillons Llc,Douglas Dillons, Llc ,231 N Crestway, Wichita ,Ks,67208

Easyfinance, Llc, 1223 N Rock Road ,Bldg B,Wichita ,Ks,67206

Eat Cake Llc ,616 E 34th Street N, Wichita ,Ks,67219

El Sol De Wichita Llc, 3500 N Rock Road Bldg,1000 ,Wichita ,Ks,67226

Elder Law Of Wichita, P.A. ,607 Partridge Lane, Derby,Ks,67037

Emergency Medicine Consultants, Llc, 331 N Rock Island ,Suite 12 ,Wichita ,Ks,67202

Enriquez Goods And Services Llc, 7314 E 24th Court ,North ,Wichita ,Ks,67226

Epic Ultras Llc, 5920 E Central Avenue,Suite #205 ,Wichita ,Ks,67208

Evergreen Group, L.L.C., 1837 North Rock Road Court, Wichita ,Ks,67206

Family Ties Enterprise Llc, 3803 W. Maple, Wichita ,Ks,67213

Fancam, Inc. ,110 South Main, Suite 600, Wichita ,Ks,67202

Federal Prisoner Advocacy Group Corporation, 1007 Pinecrest Street, Wichita ,Ks,67208

Feller Properties, Llc, 3450 N Rock Road ,Bldg 200 Suite #201 ,Wichita ,Ks,67226

Fire And Water Entertainment, Llc, 4367 N Rushwood Ct, Bel Aire,Ks,67226

Food Allergy Anaphylaxis Education Association, 13651 W 87th Street ,South ,Clearwater ,Ks,67026

Fortune Operating Company,12275 W Fm 1097 Rd W, Willis ,Tx,77318

Founders' Real Estate, Llc ,1600 Epic Center ,301 North Main Street,Wichita ,Ks,67202

Frogatte & Company, 301 N Main ,1300 Epic Center ,Wichita ,Ks,67202

Froggatte & Company, Inc., 301 N Main ,1300 Epic Center ,Wichita ,Ks,67202

Furyfrog Llc, 1641 N Melrose Ln, Wichita ,Ks,67212

G & T Durable Medical Equipment Llc, 1409 W. 31st Street, Suite B, Wichita ,Ks,67217

Gbrh Properties, 2012, Llc ,3421 Forest Avenue, Great Bend ,Ks,67530

Genesis Acquisition, Inc.,6100 E. Central, Bldg 3, Wichita ,Ks,67208

God's Place, Inc. ,11210 W 13th Ct N, Wichita ,Ks,67212

Goss Consulting, Llc, 7627 E 37th N ,#3602 ,Wichita ,Ks,67226

Greenway Exteriors Llc, 1831 N Northwest Pkwy, Wichita ,Ks,67212

Greyteaparty Inc. ,4002 W. 18th Street, Wichita ,Ks,67212

Hamilton & Restad, L.L.C., 1710 S Brandon Street, Wichita ,Ks,67207

Havana Property Management, Llc, 139 S Hydraulic, Wichita ,Ks,67211

Heat Enterpises, Llc, 325 S Decker, Wichita ,Ks,67235

Heritage Private Wealth Management, Llc ,3580 W. 13th, Wichita ,Ks,67203

Hillside Ventures, Llc, 355 N Waco St. ,Suite 200,Wichita ,Ks,67202

Hope International Fellowship Church, 8020 E Lynwood, Wichita ,Ks,67207

Hurley Landscaping & Construction, Llc, 10201 W Pawnee Ct, Wichita ,Ks,67215

Ict Management Services Llc, 4758 S Leonine Ct, Wichita ,Ks,67217

Ict Productions Llc, 1927 N Socora, Wichita ,Ks,67212

Inland Crude Purchasing, Llc,727 N. Waco, Suite 400, Wichita ,Ks,67203

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