Corporate filings (Aug. 16, 2012)

08/16/2012 12:00 AM

08/08/2012 5:57 PM

D & A Properties, Llc, 514 S Mission, Wichita, Ks, 67207

Deloris Beauty Shop Llc, 8126 Levitt, Wichita, Ks, 67207

Deyoung Enterprises, Llc, 8100 E. 22nd Street N., Building 2300, Suite 2, Wichita, Ks, 67226

Dh Construction Llc, 2053 S Hydraulic Street, Wichita, Ks, 67211

Dhw Equipment Leasing, Llc, 14029 Whitewood, Wichita, Ks, 67230

Dkk Properties, Llc, 14725 Summerfield, Wichita, Ks, 67230

Dogpatch Productions Inc, 309 N Edwards Ave, Wichita, Ks, 67203

Dos Amigos Pawn Shop, Llc, 2600 N Arkansas, Wichita, Ks, 67204

Elaine Reddick, P.A., 727 N. Waco, Suite 145, Wichita, Ks, 67203

Elite Equine Veterinary Services, Llc, 1400 Sunnydale Lk., Valley Center, Ks, 67147

Elite Softball Llc, 7804 E Funston Suite 214, Wichita, Ks, 67207

Elk Frac Tanks, Llc, 1223 N Rock Road, Ste I-100, Wichita, Ks, 67206

Endeavor Emergency Medical Care, Llc, 323 N Kentucky Lane, Wichita, Ks, 67235

Enlightenment Enterprise, Inc, 5120 E Central, Suite 1, Wichita, Ks, 67208

Epivoz Corporation, 685 Tennessee St., Unit B, San Francisco, Ca, 94107

Equity Bank, 7701 E Kellogg, Ste. 200, Wichita, Ks, 67207

Esau A. Freeman For Congress, Inc, 556 N Crestway St., Wichita, Ks, 67208

Ffc South Carolina, Llc, 8100 E 22nd Street, Building 300, Suite 100, Wichita, Ks, 67226

First Choice Homes, Llc, 10300 W Maple, Wichita, Ks, 67209

French & French Llc, 2240 N Cameron, Wichita, Ks, 67226

Gardner Kansas Mineral Rights, Llc, P.O. Box 217, Cutten, Ca, 95534

Gifts4u Llc, 6500 E 21st, Wichita, Ks, 67206

Global Partner Solutions Llc, 1600 Epic Center, 301 North Main Street, Wichita, Ks, 67202

Good Connections, Inc., 1627 S Yale Street, Wichita, Ks, 67218

Graham & Graham Llc, 5810 South Sheridan Ave, Tacoma, Wa

Grand Buffet Inc., 7607 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, Ks, 67207

Happy Days Llc, 10206 W Jewell Street, Wichita, Ks, 67209

Harris Heating And Air, Llc, 313 N Fern, Wichita, Ks, 67203

Hutch Strategies Llc, 322 S Mosley, Suite 9, Wichita, Ks, 67202

Ict One Drop, Llc, 7333 East Kellogg, Wichita, Ks, 67207

Impressive Properties Design & Staging Llc, P.O. Box 771263, Wichita, Ks, 67277

Inbrewco Llc, 2117 S Upland Hills St, Wichita, Ks, 67235

Inspired Mex, Llc, 1877 N Rock Road, Wichita, Ks, 67206

International Women's Initiative Inc, Iwi, Po Box 781252, Wichita, Ks, 67278

Iopsilon.Com, Llc, 8301 E. 21st Street North, Ste. 450, Wichita, Ks, 67206

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