May 31, 2012

Featured business person: Stephanie Duemmel

Stephanie Duemmel

Senior manager, FedEx Ground

Duemmel taught school for seven years before deciding she needed a little more excitement in her life.

Managing a FedEx facility that sends out more than 10,000 deliveries most days gave her just that.

“I just felt that I was looking for something more, something that would challenge me physically,” Duemmel said. “And it sure did.”

Duemmel, 43, grew up in Jefferson City, Mo. After teaching, she worked in FedEx’s Kansas City and Salina locations for five years before coming to Wichita in 2006.

As senior manager, Duemmel oversees 70 employees and 15 independent contractors who put about 60 vans on the road.

An average of 2,200 home deliveries and 8,000 business deliveries go out each day. Those numbers go up during the holidays, “but because we plan so well, it actually goes pretty smooth as long we don’t have bad weather that makes it challenging,” Duemmel said.

Not that bad weather throws Duemmel. She won FedEx’s Humanitarian Award earlier this year for her actions. She happened upon an automobile accident in the Flint Hills when it was 38 degrees and raining torrentially. A driver from Oklahoma had flipped her car and was ejected from the vehicle. Duemmel applied direct pressure to the woman’s severe head wound and kept her as warm and dry as possible until an ambulance arrived.

“I always carry first aid equipment with me,” said Duemmel, who’s also trained in CPR.

Not surprisingly, Duemmel stays just as active off the job, whether it’s playing golf or building her own patio and fire pit.

“I’m a project person,” she said.

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