Featured business person: Bert Jones

11/17/2011 12:00 AM

11/16/2011 10:04 PM

Bert Jones,

Cash flow consultant, B.E.L.T Inc.

Jones is helping businesses finance their needs again, though not through bank loans.

Formerly a business development officer for Sunflower Bank, he’s now a cash flow consultant for B.E.L.T., which finances all types of equipment leasing.

"I’m excited to be back doing this kind of work," Jones said.

Jones, 42, is a Mississippi State University graduate who moved here in 1997. He’s currently working on an MBA from Friends University. He jokes that he’s lived in Kansas long enough to lose his native Mississippi drawl.

"When I first got here I’d get teased a lot," he said. "People would assume I was sort of slow and talk loud. I’d say, ‘I’m from Mississippi, I’m not hard of hearing.’ ”

Jones and his wife, Karen, have four children. Church and other family activities take up most of their time, he said.

The struggling economy has made the last few years tough for bank customers seeking loans. Jones said B.E.L.T. will make some loans that banks won’t. He said that’s not a criticism of banks, which refer some clients to B.E.L.T.

For instance, a businessman with a bankruptcy in his past might have trouble getting a bank loan despite good cash flow.

"But if everything else is fine, we’re going to do that for him," Jones said.

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