July 5, 2014

Old Cowtown video might just make you happy

The volunteer re-enactors at Old Cowtown Museum are apparently pretty happy.

The volunteer re-enactors at Old Cowtown Museum are apparently pretty happy.

And they’ve taken to YouTube to prove it.

“It’s a little redundant if I say it just made me happy,” executive director David Flask said.

Flask is among the many volunteers that are seen moo-ving and grooving in the museum’s video set to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” It was uploaded on Wednesday.

And it’s not just humans getting in on the action in this clip – head-bobbing chickens and, in true Kansas form, happy cows are seen walking in a field.

Whatever makes you happy.

“One thing we have tried doing is to sort of break the cowboy stereotype of Cowtown,” Flask said. “This is just one more way of doing that.”

The filming of the video was a rigorous process, said Greg Hunt, who leads a dual life as both farm manager at Old Cowtown and unofficial museum videographer.

Overlooking a bit of an anachronism, Hunt said he roamed through the museum with a boombox and had the volunteers dance for him one day. The story was no different for the livestock.

“We had a very intensive audition process,” Hunt said. “I was carrying treats around, and I had the horses follow me until we got them on the beat.”

There was a little bit of science involved for the video’s key head-bobbing chicken scene, he said.

“One of the volunteers who wasn’t too keen on being on camera held them and bobbed up and down to the beat,” Hunt said. “It’s just the raw natural talent of the livestock we have out here.”

By Saturday afternoon, the video had garnered 783 views. Flask told the media Saturday he was not sure whether this signals a new foray into filmmaking for the museum.

“You never know, do you?” Flask said. “This may be a new trend for us.”

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