Avoid poor dietary choices on Independence Day, K-State program director says

07/03/2014 8:48 AM

07/04/2014 6:31 AM

An expert on diet is suggesting ways to attain independence from poor dietary choices during this holiday.

Amber Howells works in Kansas State University’s College of Human Ecology. In a prepared statement from the university, she offered tips:

Eat what you want during the holiday, she says. Even hamburgers and hot dogs. But ... moderation, moderation.

For hamburgers, buy lean. “If you are using ground beef, try to get that 96 percent lean meat,” she said in the statement. “With hot dogs, you really want to find that version that is less than 150 calories per serving size and less than 14 grams of fat. Hot dogs are probably also higher in sodium content because they are more processed, so look at the sodium content and try to find something with less than 450 milligrams of sodium.”

Meat? Check labels. Chips? Baked or high fiber are better – and watch the portion size.

Veggies? Good, but watch the fatty, salty dips.

Watermelon? “Watermelon is a fantastic choice because it is a fruit and naturally low in fat,” Howells said.

Even ice cream, homemade, is good – in moderation, she said in the statement.

Caffeine? Not necessarily good, given that it helps dehydrate you. Lemonade? Better.

Splurging? Good. Every now and then, she said in the statement.

In moderation.

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