July 1, 2014

Goddard resident to appear on ‘The Price Is Right’

“Come on down” were the magic words for Goddard resident Matthew Smith.

“Come on down” were the magic words for Goddard resident Matthew Smith.

Following the orders of host Drew Carey, Smith made his way to the floor to join four other potential contestants on the game show “The Price Is Right.”

“I was definitely nervous,” said Smith, 24. “I didn’t even know how to react.”

Smith taped his appearance in Los Angeles two months ago. The episode airs at 10 a.m. Friday on CBS, so Smith couldn’t give away too many details, except to say that he won the bid and got the chance to play one of the games with Carey.

Smith recalls “freaking out” when his name was called.

“They had to kind of direct me because I was just sort of all over the place,” he said.

Smith remembered watching “The Price Is Right” “way back in the day” with his family, trying to guess the price of items on the long-running game show.

“I would never win,” he admitted. “I liked how the games were structured, and the reaction of people were always entertaining.”

Smith, who serves in the U.S. Coast Guard, said he had to wait about four hours in line before being seated in the studio. Each audience member was interviewed, too.

“(The interview) only lasts about 10 seconds, and then they were done,” he said. “You don’t think anything of it. And then you get in there and wait.”

Smith was a fan of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” an improvisational comedy show that Carey hosted in the 1990s, so meeting the “The Price Is Right” host was enjoyable, Smith said.

“Drew is a really cool guy,” he said. “… He’s pretty much exactly like you see on TV.”

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