June 13, 2014

Wayward schnoodle, Poogy, returned home after being struck by car

Poogy is one lucky dog.

Poogy is one lucky dog.

His owner says it’s a miracle he’s still around.

After getting loose from his yard in south Wichita, Poogy the schnoodle found his way back home on Wednesday, with a little help.

Poogy’s owner, Shirley Reed, said he was let loose by a neighboring cat lover a little over a week ago. The 3-year-old schnoodle – a schnauzer and poodle mix – began wandering the streets until Reed said he was hit by a car on Seneca. Poogy was apparently flipped over, but “not a bone was broken,” she said.

“It’s a miracle,” Reed said. “It’s a blessing that he was not even hurt.”

Larry Addison, a math and physics professor at Butler Community College, had just parked his car when he saw the dog get hit.

“I didn’t even think about it – here’s an injured dog, I’m taking him to the vet,” Addison said. “I didn’t even have any other concept in my mind.”

Addison took Poogy to Arapahoe Veterinary Clinic, near Pawnee and Seneca, and got him checked out. After the checkup went without a hitch, he brought him back to his College Hill home. His house also is home to three stray cats, which he said generally got along with Poogy. But he said he knew the dog would be claimed quickly.

“You could tell that dog was taken care of – this was a really nice pet,” Addison said. “He could stand on his hind legs and walk without any difficulty. I was growing attached to him.”

Meanwhile, Reed said she was desperately looking for Poogy, hanging lost-dog posters around town until she could afford to do so no longer.

“It rained every time I put my signs up,” Reed said. “If I wasn’t crying I was putting up signs for the rain to wash down.”

Meanwhile, many of her neighbors lent their support.

“This dog is like the block dog. He really is,” Reed said. “When he got lost, everything was at a standstill. Everybody was praying for him.”

After about a week, Addison’s neighbor, who was helping take care of Poogy, saw a lost-dog advertisement on Facebook that seemed to fit the bill.

“The picture was a little different, but you could recognize the eyes,” Addison said. “He’s got really unique eyes.”

Addison contacted Reed to return the dog, and when she offered to pay him, he refused to be compensated.

“This was my choice so it was my payment. It’s kind of silly but that’s the way I looked at it,” Addison said. “She was very emotional; tears came to her eyes. It was really nice seeing them unite like that.”

Poogy reunited with Reed on Wednesday and he has been readjusting to life at home. At first, “he was in disbelief,” Reed said.

Well doggone, he’s back – and Reed said she can never thank Addison enough for what he did. Since Addison refused payment for his help, Reed said she has donated the cost of Poogy’s veterinary checkup to the Kansas Humane Society.

“He might look like just a dog to you, but he’s a little more than that to me,” Reed said. “He’s family.”

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