Eagle Medallion hunters find prize, plan to pay it forward

06/25/2014 1:58 PM

08/06/2014 11:45 AM

It started out as a no-luck, run-out-of-gas kind of day for Andrea Anglin.

She and her family and a couple of friends were out scouting for the Wichita Eagle Medallion.

They had been at Oak Park searching near trees.

No luck.

So, she headed off to work at Gracepoint Church and ran out of gas.

Her husband, Kolin, came to her rescue over the noon hour.

At Gracepoint, Anglin and the church’s executive pastor, Terry Johnson, had been exchanging clues for the Medallion Hunt – and its top prize of an Ultimate Game Room from Chilton Billiards and Spas.

Where could the Medallion be?

They had formed the Gracepoint team with hopes of winning the prize. There was texting and phone calls, Googling and Facebooking.

Finally, shortly after 2 while brainstorming at the church, they had a thought: Could it be between Watson and Herman Hill parks? Somewhere near the John Mack Bridge?

A team member who would only tell the Eagle her first name – Liz – went to check.

Sure enough, near the bridge on South Broadway she discovered the medallion – stuck with blue putty to the back of some fallen bark that was then tucked behind some chicken wire that protected several trees.

Liz quietly put the Medallion in her pocket and texted to Anglin: “Holy ----, we found it!”

And that’s when the no-luck, run-out-of-gas kind of day began to shift.

Liz told Anglin that she wanted to sell the prize package and donate her portion of the proceeds to their friend Kat Beals, a single mother who has stage 3 breast cancer and has been fighting the disease since October. Her medical bills have exceeded $10,000.

Anglin and her family said they’d donate their portion too; Rev. Johnson said he would, as well.

Shortly after 4 p.m., the Gracepoint Church Medallion Hunt Team Crew appeared at the Eagle lobby, presenting Editor Sherry Chisenhall with the Medallion. With the rules stating that only one person can claim the prize, the group appointed Anglin to that role.

The group said the prize package, valued at nearly $6,000, will be for sale. The prize from Chilton Billards and Spas includes a Brunswick 8-foot Kingston Pool Table with deluxe accessory package; Brunswick Kicker Foosball table; Holland Wichita State University Pub Table and two Wichita State University barstools; GLD poker folding top; GLD 500 poker chip set; GLD Metropolitan Dart Cabinet; GLD Razorback Bristleboard Dart Board; and two sets of GLD steel-tip darts.

“We’d been looking at ways to support Kat as a church family and when this came up, there wasn’t any doubt this was what we wanted to do,” Johnson said.

Beals came to the Eagle on Thursday with her 3-year-old daughter, Gracie, and the Gracepoint team.

“It’s all an answer to prayer,” she said.

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