May 2, 2014

Wichita toddler’s antics get spotlight on ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’

It was just before Christmas, and Wichitan Megan Metcalf’s 1 year-old daughter, Mylee, was mad.

It was just before Christmas, and Wichitan Megan Metcalf’s 1 year-old daughter, Mylee, was mad.

She’d been playing with a gift card she wasn’t supposed to have, so mommy took it away. Mylee started to cry, and her chin began to uncontrollably quiver.

But Mylee had a pacifier in her mouth that was decorated on the outside with the image of two giant buck teeth. Megan had picked it up a few months before at Halloween store.

The teeth paired with the quiver was hilarious, so Megan whipped out her cellphone and began recording.

“The fake teeth were bouncing up and down like really bad dentures,” Megan said.

The video, only 15 seconds long, will be one of three finalists featured on Sunday night’s episode of ABC’s “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” set to air at 6 p.m. on KAKE, Channel 10 in Wichita.

The network flew Megan Metcalf and her family, including now 2-year-old Mylee, her 3-year-old brother Wyatt and dad Nick, to California in mid-March to tape an episode of the popular show, which is hosted by Tom Bergeron and is the longest-running prime time show in the history of ABC.

Though the Metcalfs can’t reveal the outcome of the show, they’re certain to get a little cash for the video. The winner at the end of each episode, as chosen by a studio audience, gets $10,000. Second place gets $3,000 and third gets $2,000.

Megan Metcalf said she knew the video was funny but didn’t realize exactly how funny until she texted it to Mylee’s godparents, who were vacationing in Mexico.

They encouraged her to submit the video to “AFV.”

“I said, ‘Seriously?’ ” Megan remembered. “And they said they were on the beach dying, laughing hysterically. So I figured I might as well submit it.”

In early March, Megan Metcalf found the show’s website and within minutes uploaded the video from her phone. A week and a half later, producers called and asked the family to fly to California for a taping.

Megan Metcalf she was nervous about taking her two small children on a plane but didn’t want to miss the opportunity. The show footed the bill for the plane tickets and three nights in a hotel, and Megan Metcalf got to visit a couple of her brothers who live in California, too. She and her husband hadn’t been on vacation since 2010, she said.

Megan and Nick Metcalf now are at odds about what to do with the winnings. He wants to pay off credit card debt. She wants to finish the basement.

Either way, they know they’ll likely face questions from Mylee some day.

“I feel like she’s going to be like, ‘So what did you do with that money?’ ” Megan said with a laugh.

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