Taco Bell breakfast launches Thursday (with Waffle Taco review)

03/26/2014 9:04 AM

03/27/2014 9:44 AM

Last month, Taco Bell announced it was busting in to the fast food breakfast game with a new morning menu that includes a Waffle Taco topped with syrup instead of salsa.

Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu officially debuts Thursday, but several Taco Bells have been giving customers a sneak peek this week by handing out free breakfast meals.

A 7 a.m. trip through the drive-through of a Lawrence Taco Bell yielded an AM Crunchwrap, a Waffle Taco, a hash brown patty, Cinnabon Delights and coffee.

The AM Crunchwrap is a tortilla-wrapped hot pocket of hash browns, scrambled eggs, melted American cheese, and your choice of bacon, sausage or steak. It’s sort of like a less crunchy (and less spicy) version of Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme.

The notorious Waffle Taco starts with a soft, chewy, slightly sweet waffle “taco shell.” It comes in three varieties: Egg and cheese, sausage or bacon.

The sausage version comes with a hefty patty piled with pleasantly fluffy scrambled eggs and melted American cheese. If you want, you can drizzle the taco with a packet of maple-flavored syrup. It might sound strange to put syrup on a taco, but I have to say, the Waffle Taco does taste better with the syrup — but only if you enjoy the combination of sweet and savory.

My drive-through companion liked that the Waffle Taco was “a full breakfast in one hand.” But you definitely wouldn’t want to eat one while driving — between the greasiness of the sausage and the drippiness of the sticky syrup, this is a 10-napkin taco.

My favorite item on Taco Bell’s new menu is easier to eat on the go: Cinnabon Delights are cream-filled, cinnamon-sugar-coated clouds of fried dough that pretty much melt in your mouth.

Taco Bell serves breakfast until 11 a.m. View menu items here. And read more reviews of over-the-top fast food breakfasts here.

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