Bread of Life volunteer still helping pups found in dumpster

02/20/2014 9:26 AM

08/06/2014 10:26 AM

The food pantry volunteer who helped rescue two pups discarded in a dumpster in Wichita last week plans to keep helping them.

Phillis Allen said she visited the dogs at the Wichita animal shelter on Wednesday, handed $50 to the Humane Society next door and plans to go shopping for the dogs.

She also got a look at the smaller of the two dogs, who could barely move from neglect and dehydration on the day Allen first saw her.

“She still looks thin, and scared,” Allen said.

Having seen that pup again, she says that she and the police wrongly identified it as a Chihuahua. It’s actually a miniature Pinscher, she said. And quite scared.

“She’s nipping at people,” she said.

Both pups are now living together in one cage at the Wichita Animal Shelter, Allen said.

“I asked the people at the shelter what they needed, and they said blankets, old towels and bleach to clean their cages,” she said. “So I’ll get those and give them.”

She said she will help the dogs until someone else adopts them; she’s a long-time dog lover herself. She wants to help them for the same reason that people once helped her, she said. She used to stand in line at the Bread of Life food pantry, and now that her own circumstances are better, she volunteers there, she said.

Allen and other volunteers at Bread of Life rescued the dogs after finding them in the pantry dumpster on Feb. 12. Allen said that from their condition, the pups had probably been in the dumpster for a day and a half.

The smaller dog still looks fearful and nips at anyone who comes close, Allen said. Shelter officials, Allen said, told her they plan to try to adopt them out eventually.

But because of the pups’ fear and physical condition, police will probably match them with an animal rescue organization first, to treat their physical and emotional needs.

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