January 5, 2014

Flash drive reportedly causes flight to divert to KCI

American Airlines Flight 24 was on its way from San Franciso to New York City when it was diverted to the Kansas city airport.

An airliner on a transcontinental flight was diverted to Kansas City International airport Sunday afternoon after a suspicious device was found in one of the plane’s bathrooms.

The 227 passengers and crew were allowed to reboard the airplane five hours later after a thorough search.

The American Airlines flight was bound from San Francisco to New York’s JFK International Airport when the device, reportedly a computer flash drive, was discovered, KCI spokesman Joe McBride said.

The Boeing 767 landed at KCI around 1 p.m. and taxied to a remote location for a thorough search, McBride said. The 227 passengers and crew were bussed to Terminal C, where they waited until the all-clear was given around 6 p.m..

“Not an explosive device,” Kansas City Police chief Darryl Forte wrote in a tweet at about 5:30 p.m., and he said the bomb and arson squad had left the scene.

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