June 21, 2013

Company asks city to stop using Waltzing Waters name for fountains

No more Waltzing Waters fountains for Wichita.

No more Waltzing Waters fountains for Wichita.

They are now officially known as the Fountains at WaterWalk.

At the request of Florida-based Waltzing Waters Inc., the manufacturer that sold the fountains to Wichita for $3.5 million in 2009, the city has stopped calling them by the company’s trademarked-name.

“They called and were crabby about us using their name,” said John D’Angelo, director of arts and cultural services for the city. “There were no big threats or anything. We agree.

“We don’t want anyone to misunderstand the company and their product versus what we’re calling it.”

D’Angelo said the city referred to its downtown fountains as Waltzing Waters because “that’s the only way we had to reference it until we came up with a name.”

There was no reason to call the fountains anything until recently because they had been in storage since they were purchased while the WaterWalk master plan underwent changes. The fountains finally went into action in October.

Not too long after that, Waltzing Waters Inc. asked the city not to use its name, D’Angelo said.

The WaterWalk fountains began an abbreviated show schedule last week after being off all spring because of the drought.

The fountains will have two 10-minute shows at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. each Friday, Saturday and Sunday through the end of June. The Sunday shows will be eliminated from July through the end of August, but they will return from September until the end of October.

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