Records show extra pay for Wichita school administrators

02/25/2014 12:08 PM

02/25/2014 12:08 PM

The Eagle recently filed a Kansas Open Records Act request for information about total compensation paid to Wichita school district administrators.

The 217 employees include 91 principals, 80 assistant principals and 46 downtown administrators, such as assistant superintendents, division directors and program coordinators.

Since January 2010, the district has paid $376,332 in “additional compensation” to administrators – not including cellphone allowances, workshop stipends, health insurance payments or other categories.

Nine central-office administrators received about 37 percent of that income, which Superintendent John Allison said he authorizes when employees assume responsibilities “beyond their typical job duties.” The request must be approved by the Wichita school board.

Here are the amounts those administrators received from January 2010 through April 2013:

• Alicia Thompson, assistant superintendent for elementary schools, $67,500
• John Allison, superintendent, $20,000 (included in contract, for incidentals)
• Kelly Rundell, director of employee benefits, $8,687 (part of $11,500 approved when she was hired last August)
• Klaus Kollmai, supervising hearing officer and building administrator for the Instructional Support Center, $10,500
• Shannon Krysl, chief human resources officer, $10,000
• Lori Doyle, executive director of secondary schools, $8,750
• Susan Willis, payroll director, $8,300
• Shawn Chastain, executive coordinator of fine arts, $4,725
• Becky Filiatreault, information systems director, $1,000

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