November 3, 2012

Share the Season kicks off annual campaign to assist Wichitans through hardships

Two years ago, Janelle Haywood was in her final semester at college while also working and supporting her two children.

Two years ago, Janelle Haywood was in her final semester at college while also working and supporting her two children.

Her 4-year-old son complained regularly of excruciating stomach pains.

“As a parent, I knew something was wrong,” Haywood said.

She took him from doctor to doctor.

“I had one specialist tell me my son was crying and doing all this for attention. I was losing my job because I had to miss so much work; day care wouldn’t take my son because they thought something was wrong.”

Finally, she took her son to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., where he was diagnosed with stomach migraines and a non-functioning left kidney.

Medical bills piled up. She used her credit cards to pay for daily living expenses, gas to the hospital and hotel stays while her son was in the hospital. And, not long after her son’s diagnosis, her 14-year-old daughter faced surgery to have a lymph node removed.

It was a bleak time, and Haywood turned to Share the Season for help.

Two years later, she has finished school and relocated to Dallas with a job. Her son, London, now 5, received surgery and is healthy and pain free.

Share the Season, she said, “came at the right time and helped me catch up,” Haywood said.

The program — a joint project of the Salvation Army, Wichita Community Foundation and The Eagle — offers one-time aid to people affected by unexpected hardships. It will begin taking applications for assistance online Sunday and at the Salvation Army headquarters Monday.

Beginning Thanksgiving Day, The Eagle will feature a daily story of someone in need and tell how readers can help. Most of those featured will remain anonymous; their need will be verified by the Salvation Army.

Last year, more than 900 donors gave more than $216,000 to help 251 families in need. Their efforts were a grassroots approach in which the majority of donors sent what they could — $5, $10 or $25 — while some donors contributed $5,000 to $10,000.

The average recipient receives help toward paying mortgage, utility or medical bills. Payments are made directly to creditors.

“Share the Season helps people who typically don’t find assistance in other places,” said Shelly Chenoweth Prichard, president and CEO of the Wichita Community Foundation. “They’ve gone through bad luck. A child gets sick or somebody loses a job.

“Each year, the applications increase because more people are in need. Share the Season is that extra boost people can apply for to help them when they run on hard times.”

In the 12 years Share the Season has been in existence, it has raised more than $2 million.

The original concept for the program began in 1999 when local philanthropist Mary Lynn Oliver told Wichita Community Foundation leaders about a program in Santa Fe, N.M., called “The Empty Stocking Fund,” which then served as the prototype for Share the Season.

In the first several years, the Wichita Community Foundation provided seed money to help the campaign. In more recent years, contributions have continued to pour in after the holiday season. Some of that money has been used to help people with unexpected needs at other times of the year. Since Jan. 3, Share the Season has helped 85 families, or 281 people.

For the first time this year, the program sent letters in October to donors who have consistently given in the past. Within two weeks, more than $24,000 was raised to jump-start this year’s campaign. That, combined with nearly $14,000 in donations remaining from last year, gives the program $37,000 as it heads into the holiday season.

Haywood said she heard about Share the Season from a friend.

“It took care of some major bills that were pushed behind because of me having to pay co-pays and surgery bills,” she said.

Share the Season has raised $24,705 so far.

Among the donors: K.C. “Buck” and Gladys Alley; Robert and Sharon Allison; Ruby Anderson, in memory of Charles D. Anderson; Jamil Bakri; Loretta Barchers, in memory of Charles Barchers; Roger and Erika Bechtel; Kelly Benero; Edward and Eleanor Bolain; Billy Bolin; Ira and Betty Bonebright; David and Peggy Brant, in memory of Stephanie Brant; Frances Brinegar; Wade and Donna Brodin; Gregory and Patricia Brown; Martha Buford; Mary Burrell, in memory of Paul, Ferril and Helen Estill; James Byrum;

Dan and Mary Jo Caliendo; Betty Kathleen Carlisle; Timera Caro, in memory of Bertha and Rollin Cobb; Kurt and Jean Carter; Charles and Marla Chandler; Donald and Sally Chesser; Barbara Coats; Coleman Materials L.L.C.; Everett Cook, in memory of Lois Cook; Florence Curtis; John and Thelma Dameron; James and Lois Daniels; Davis Moore Automotive Inc., Accounting Office; Bruce and Julie Deterding; Darrel and Eunice Doerksen; Mary Drake;

Barbara Eberle; Kevin Edmundson, in memory of Lawrence and Gary Edmundson; Ronald and Barbara Engelbrecht; Roland and Heidi Ensz; Wayne and Janet Ferguson; Laney Flattery; Robert and Gale Fleming; Beverly Fowler, in memory of Brian Kirby; Michael and Charlene Frederick; Linda Gieser, in memory of Sonny Dukes; Thomas and Denise Glenn; Bryan and Darcie Green; Wade and Leota Gustin;

J. Fred Hambright; Joan Harris, in memory of Robert Harris and Pam Slaughter; C. Gordon Harrod; Karen Haynie, in memory of Roger Haynie; Justin and Cammy Healy; Joseph and Marilyn Hein; Leo and Carolyn Holmes; Beverly Hoover; John and Anita Horton; James and Christine House;

Charles and Patsy Kerley, in memory of Rose Ellen Heitman; Mabelle Kirkland, in memory of Phyllis Owen; Maxine Kirkpatrick, in memory of Warren Kirkpatrick; Kenneth and Norma LeBlanc; John and Jennifer Lewelling; Hazel Linder, in memory of Jim Linder; Errol and Suzanne Luginbill; Nancy Lundstedt;

Gladys Major, in memory of Alden Major; Steven Mank, in honor of Kylie and Mason Mank; Don and Linda McGinty; Merline Enterprises Inc.; Leo and Virginia Merriman; R. Keith and Ilene Miers; Jerry and Charlotte Miller; Neil Miller; Judy Naylor, in memory of Gerald and Helen Curtis; Joe and Sarah Nold;

Kathryn Owens; Edgar and Isako Poindexter; Thomas and Kathleen Pott; Quik Tek Machining L.L.C.; Sara Rogers; Helen Scott, in memory of Lloyd L. Scott; Gerry Sibley; L.J. and Judith Simmons; Gary and Barbara Shepard; Jodi Slaton; John and Kathleen Slaymaker, in memory of Joyce Stranghen; Robert and Barbara Smith; Melvin Srader, in memory of Joyce Srader; John and Roberta Swinehart;

D. Ellene Tompkins; James and Shirley Traner, in memory of Frank Traner; Florentino and Enid Tuason; Frank and Dorsie Vasquez, in memory of Jerry Vasquez; Volunteer Kansas Inc.; Shelley Von Merveldt, in memory of Mom and Dad; Mary White; Galen and Kay Womack, in memory of Kerry Hocutt; William and Judith Ann Wynne and 67 anonymous contributors.

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