Retired Wichita police dog dies; another one joins the force

07/19/2012 5:00 AM

07/19/2012 6:00 PM

Retired Wichita police dog Ruckus was put down this week after a large lesion on his lungs and fusions on his spine were discovered, department officials said.

Ruckus served with Officer Daniel Gumm for three and a half years at Wichita Police Department’s Patrol West.

“Most of the Belgian Malinois dogs are really high-energy dogs,” Gumm said. “He was really mellow and laid back. He always knew what was going on.”

Ruckus was a narcotics K-9 and trained in handler protection. His main duties included sniffing vehicles, houses and mail. Gumm said there was one instance where a suspect looked like he was starting to run and just the sight of Ruckus caused the man to lie on the ground and be apprehended.

“He had a great nose for narcotics, very dependable,” Gumm said. “They were all dependable, but I’m partial to him because he was mine. Some of them can be hard-headed, but he wasn’t ever really that way.”

Ruckus retired 10 weeks before his death. Gumm said the K-9 program is switching to patrol dogs, which would include apprehending and tracking. After Ruckus retired, Gumm received a new dog named Rooster.

“It’s different going from a dog that’s almost 7 years old and knows the game and knows what’s going on to one that’s about 14 weeks old and still a pup,” Gumm said. “He’s got a lot of energy.”

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