April 13, 2012

Airport, arena, casino have severe-weather plans

The show must go on.

The show must go on.

That’s what some organizers of Saturday events are saying in anticipation of bad weather.

Here’s a roundup of how people are handling events that could be affected by forecasted tornadoes.

•  Flights at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport: Valerie Wise, the airport’s air service and business development manager, said Friday that she did not know of any canceled or delayed flights yet.

If bad weather hits, travelers will be directed to the airport’s shelter in the basement. The entrance to the shelter is just past the information desk before the security line. Travelers will be notified to take shelter if needed.

•  Miranda Lambert concert at Intrust Bank Arena: Arena spokeswoman Sarah Haertl said the concert is going on as planned. She said in a statement that the arena has a weather plan and “all staff members are educated and aware of the plans. Televisions are available throughout the facility, which will assist in keeping guests aware of any severe weather activity, and arena staff will have timely information regarding severe weather activity.”

If bad weather occurs, the arena will make an announcement of such, and guests will be directed to the arena’s bowl and away from “the glass window areas of our lobby and concourses.”

•  Democratic caucuses: The Sedgwick County Democratic Party said the caucuses will go on as planned.

•  Kansas Star Casino: The casino in Mulvane will be open for business. Spokeswoman Megan Strader said the casino’s severe weather plan calls for guests to be directed to the west hallway in the back of the house, where there are reinforced concrete walls, ceiling and floor. Casino staff will monitor radar and weather radios, she said. Strobe lights will go off if necessary, and an announcement will ask guests to take shelter in the hallway. Three sets of public restrooms also have reinforced concrete, Strader said. Gamblers won’t be allowed to stay on the casino floor if the weather plan is initiated.

•  Gridiron: The annual stage show put on by the Kansas Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists will go on at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Wichita. If bad weather strikes, attendees in the balcony will be moved to the main level.

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