May 31, 2011

State to pay for highway projects in Harvey, Reno and Kingman counties

In addition to the Wichita projects, Gov. Sam Brownback announced these projects to improve highways in south-central Kansas:

* Reconstructing the I-135 interchange at 36th Street in Newton, $14 million.

* Creating a four-lane freeway and new interchange on U.S. 50 from one mile west of Anderson Road to Old Main in Newton, $31 million.

* Upgrading U.S. 54 to a four-lane expressway through the Byron Walker Nature Preserve in Kingman County, $44 million.

* Constructing a new two-lane K-96 from Hutchinson to Sterling, $63 million. The highway would be built on right of way for four lanes.

* Creating a four-lane expressway on U.S. 54 from five miles east of Pratt to one mile east of Cairo, $34 million.

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