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Suzanne Tobias

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Suzanne Tobias: Winter forces us to look inward

The holiday decorations have barely come down.

Suzanne Perez Tobias: Simplifying gift strategy enriched this season

Another Christmas is over.

Suzanne Tobias: Throwing dice and other fun family activities

My family loves board games.

Suzanne Perez Tobias: Elf on the Shelf invites postings of off-color shenanigans

Like many holiday traditions, Elf on the Shelf began so innocently.

Suzanne Tobias: Holidays offer a good excuse to sing

The remnants of our Thanksgiving turkey weren’t even in the fridge last week before my children started hassling me about my singing.

Suzanne Tobias: May we be truly thankful

My son has reached the age where he prefers to say “thank you” on his own, thank you very much.

Suzanne Tobias: Four words to limit holiday excess

Want. Need. Wear. Read.

By now you’ve likely heard about this strategy for simplifying holiday gift-giving.

Suzanne Tobias: Storms offer opportunity to ‘hunker down’

I love the phrase “hunker down.”

Suzanne Tobias: Books are an irresistible indulgence

It’s no accident, I’m sure, that school book fairs coincide with parent-teacher conferences.

Suzanne Tobias: Eating dinner together is a worthwhile goal

Growing up, I thought every family ate dinner together.

Buying time for a stately old tree

The grand old locust tree in our backyard started to drop limbs recently, like a battlefield enemy backed into a corner who staunchly reaches for the heavy artillery.

Never doubt the value of practice

It’s been more than a decade since NBA player Allen Iverson’s infamous tirade about practice.

Fall recipes bring memories with them

As soon as the temperature outside starts to drop, as we begin the slow process of digging out sweaters and storing away beach towels, my oven seems to emit a gravitational pull.

100-year-old book offers timeless advice on parenting

I finally have discovered a clear, practical, no-nonsense book about child-rearing.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one

Last winter as part of a sixth-grade language arts assignment, my son, Jack, had to choose a Greek god or goddess as the topic of his research project on Greek mythology.

Scary movies best not watched alone

I used to enjoy scary movies.

Lots of advice on how to survive high school

My daughter started high school last week, which is super weird because just moments ago, it seems, I had her strapped to my body in a blue chambray sling.

Get a handle on a growing collection of kids’ artwork

This week you’re shooting photos of your little preschooler or kindergartner on the front steps, backpack slung over her shoulder on the first day of school.

Proud parents can be as captivating as their child

So far my favorite Olympic moment isn’t Ryan Lochte’s 400-meter individual medley or Dana Vollmer’s world-record butterfly or Missy Franklin’s impressive backstroke.

Kids’ absence proves we’re not ready for an empty nest

So my children are away with my parents for a couple of weeks, and I almost hesitate to tell people because they expect me to twirl around in circles with outstretched arms, smiling toward the heavens like Maria von Trapp in the Austrian Alps.

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