August 28, 2014

Adopt a pet

Pepper the Busy Bee, a 6-year-old male border collie mix, is available for adoption from Kansas Humane Society.

I have a riddle for you: What’s black, cute, and wants to go home with you? I know it’s a tough one, but the answer is me! I’d really love to go for a car ride. Imagine the wind blowing in our hair, stopping for a few treats, and then relaxing at home after an exhausting but fun day. What a life. I’ll be waiting at KHS for you to stop by.

Also available:

Frankie the Life of the Party, 2-year-old male Labrador retriever mix

Dust off your running shoes! I like the active lifestyle and enjoy spending time with my pet parents getting exercise. There are just not enough hours in the day to show you how much fun we can have together. I’ve got a quirky sense of humor, so that’s something you’ll have to get used to. If you like to laugh, come on by KHS soon.

Alberta the Sidekick, 2-year-old female cat, domestic shorthair mix

Hi there, my name is Alberta. I’ve got a proposal for you: You come adopt this sweetheart for free, and I’ll provide you with a lifetime of love and gratitude. I’ll greet you when you come home, and snuggle next to you when it’s time to relax. What do you say? Will I see you at KHS soon?

Millie the Sidekick, 3-year-old female cat, domestic shorthair mix

Come see Millie the Magnificent! I have magical powers that include being able to make you smile and bringing joy and happiness into your life. Want to know how to completely change your life for the better in just a day? Visit me at KHS and you’ll find out.

Sofia, 4-month-old female kitten, domestic shorthair mix

Who wouldn’t like having a cute and playful tabby in the house? C’mon, I know you’re out there! We can play with string together, or chase around those little balls with bells in them. Most of all, I just want to be a part of your family. Think we can make that a reality? Visit KHS today so we can get acquainted.

If you’re interested in adopting from Kansas Humane Society, visit at 3313 N. Hillside, call 316-524-9196 or go to

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