July 25, 2014

Adopt a pet (July 26)

Sadie the Constant Companion, 10-year-old female English setter mix

Sadie the Constant Companion, 10-year-old female English setter mix

Hello, I’m Sadie. A friend and a companion is what I’m looking for, one that will take care of me for the rest of my life. I’ve got lots of love left to give, and my silly antics will have you smiling in no time. I’m ready for the next chapter, and a second chance at a forever home.

Panda the Free Spirit, 3-year-old female American pit bull terrier mix

I’m all smiles, fun and energy. If that’s what you’re looking for in a pup, then I’m all yours. My beautiful black coat and precious smile will brighten up any bad day that you have, and I’m sure you will pick me up when I’m feeling down as well. How about picking me up here at KHS soon?

Emilyn the Sidekick, 5-year-old female cat, domestic shorthair mix

Hi, my name is Emilyn, and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’d shake your hand, but I don’t have thumbs, so a nice rub against your hand will have to suffice. I’m a bit of the sidekick type, so that means you’ll have to get used to my soft fur being close to you at all times. I just love being around people and having that compassion with my owner. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Duncan the Sidekick, 8-year-old male cat, domestic shorthair mix

What’s up? I’m Duncan, and I’m a laid-back type of kitty. My main goal is to have some great company in life and enjoy the people around me. Wherever you go and whatever you do, I want to be a part of it. Hope you decide to come to KHS soon to visit me.

Wendy, 1-year-old female cat, domestic shorthair mix

Hi, I’m Wendy. I’m a sweet and gentle girl who came to KHS with my right eye missing, but that hasn’t bothered me at all. I raised seven boy kittens while I was in foster care, and without the help of KHS and my foster family, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I’m ready to settle down with my forever family now.

If you’re interested in adopting from Kansas Humane Society, visit at 3313 N. Hillside, call 316-524-9196 or go to

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