Adopt a pet (June 21)

06/21/2014 7:49 AM

06/21/2014 7:49 AM

Bunny TNT is looking for a forever home for a 7-month-old male bunny named Smokey Joe. His fur is a smoky brown with dark on his ears and nose. Smokey Joe is a friendly bunny who has been neutered and trained to use a litter box.

For adoption information, call Joyce Gedraitis at 316-683-1122 or e-mail

Pearl the Wallflower, a 3-year-old female Manchester terrier mix, is available for adoption from Kansas Humane Society.

Are you looking for a chill dog to keep you company? My personality could be described as calm and sweet, and I get along well with other animals. Let’s face it: You need a pal, and I need a home. You can meet two goals by coming to KHS today.

• Angus the Goofball, 5-year-old male Treeing Walker Coonhound mix

I’m an adorable hound, and there’s nothing I want more than to go home with you. I’m a real gentleman, and I’ll follow you around to see what you’re up to. I love companionship, and if you come to KHS and adopt me soon, I’m sure we will be the best of buds.

• Captain Morgan the Sidekick, 6-year-old male cat, domestic shorthair mix

I am ready to set sail for my next adventure. I’ve traveled in the past with a dog, other cats and children, so I am very well-mannered. You know the ride won’t be bumpy because I’m housetrained. I would love the opportunity to show you what a treasure I am. Come to KHS soon.

• Emma the Leader of the Band, 2-year-old female cat, domestic shorthair mix

Ding ding ding! We have a winner, and their name is (insert your name here). What have you won, you ask? Me, a beautiful tabby! I come equipped with the latest technology in red dot hunting, with a big upgrade in love and snuggles. My hobbies include playing with toys, rubbing against your legs and being cute. Claim your prize today by coming to KHS.

• Fozzy the Personal Assistant, 6-year-old male cat, domestic shorthair mix

There’s never enough time in the day to do everything, so you need backup, right? I’d love to be your little helper, whether it be helping with chores or just helping you unwind after a long day. When can I start pouncing into your home and into your heart? Come to KHS today for your new pal.

If you’re interested in adopting from Kansas Humane Society, visit at 3313 N. Hillside, call 316-524-9196 or go to

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