Adopt a pet (May 24)

05/24/2014 6:33 AM

05/24/2014 6:34 AM

Buddy the Goofball, a 10-month-old male rat terrier-Jack Russell terrier mix, is available for adoption from Kansas Humane Society.

Aren’t I adorable? I’m looking to add a little cuteness to your home. I lived with a cat and a dog in my previous home, and I’m house-trained. I set the bar pretty high as far as pets go. Come see for yourself at KHS today.

Also available:

• Jazz the Go Getter, 5-year-old female Labrador retriever-pointer mix

Why do you think I’m smiling? Well, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I can’t help but think of my new forever home. We can frolic in the dog park, play fetch, and you can even teach me some cool tricks. Wow, what a life, and that’s waiting for you right here at KHS.

• Paquiao the Goofball, 8-year-old male Jack Russell terrier mix

No one should have to be alone in life. So in order to remedy that, I’ve come up with a solution: Come adopt me. I will most certainly bring joy to your life with my quirky antics and adorable face. There’s so much to do and get started on, so let’s hop to it! Come to KHS today to see me.

• Lana the Personal Assistant, 3-year-old female cat, domestic shorthair mix

I am one fine kitty with a special arsenal of talents. I can purr with perfect pitch. I can help make the bed (OK, I can hold the blanket while you make it). And I can do a special dance around your legs that involves me rubbing against them. So, I think I heard you say you were ready to come to KHS soon to see me.

• Mogwai the Private Investigator, 4-year-old male cat, domestic shorthair mix

My name is Mogwai, but don’t confuse me with those gremlins from the movie. I don’t think I have much in common with them, especially because I am so friendly and loving. I don’t like to leap in paws first in a relationship, but give me a little time and soon I’ll be rubbing my cheeks against you. Come see me today at KHS.

If you’re interested in adopting from Kansas Humane Society, visit at 3313 N. Hillside, call 316-524-9196 or go to

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