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August 14, 2014

Bonnie Bing: It’s all just too much

Two words: too much.

Two words: too much.

When a heaping plate of food was put down before my friend at lunch, she said, “Oh that’s too much.” Yes, most American restaurants believe in large portions.

As we talked about our teenage grandchildren and their love of iPhones, we agreed that in today’s world there is too much disconnect. Too much tech talk and not enough face-to-face conversations. Too much texting and not enough touching. Years ago, it was e-mail that kept us from using our verbal skills, and we wondered what the damage would be. That wasn’t nearly the problem that texting is now. People didn’t try to type or read an e-mail while driving. No doubt, some people now try using their phones. There’s too much looking down at phones while driving.

We were amazed when we realized how much of conversation was based around “too much.” For example, kids throw away too much of their school lunches. They have too much homework. They play video games too much.

It’s not just kids though. A lot of people we know (us included) have too much stuff. Way too much. Are we trying to fill a void? When every drawer, cabinet and closet in the house if full, and then some, isn’t it time to say, “Enough!”

It’s obvious we’re spending too much money on things we don’t need. There’s even too much stuff in the stores.

Too much junk mail comes every day.

Too much waste is not being recycled.

Too much negativity in political campaigns has voters cringing.

Too much entertainment is R rated.

Too much money is coming out of teachers’ pockets for supplies needed in their school rooms.

Too much abuse is happening to children, the elderly and those who are or feel defenseless.

Too much depression is going undetected.

But too much isn’t always negative. You can’t love your children or your spouse too much. And is there such a thing as too much generosity, too much kindness or too much gratitude? Can you be of too much service to those in need? I don’t think so.

Some would say there’s no such thing as too much money, too much luck or too much time. And many would disagree with one or all of those.

Everyone could make their own list of what’s too much in their lives. Today, is a good day to think about what changes can personally be made to add a positive “too much” to your life.

I’m going to find someone who needs a little help coping with this world we live in, a person who feels like, “It’s just all too much.”

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