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August 15, 2014

The Grapevine (Aug. 16, 2014)

Designer tips

If you have a small bedroom, perhaps a tall bed with a tall headboard will look better than tiny furniture. The illusion will be a bigger room.

Here are a few places you might not have thought of putting wallpaper: covering sliding closet doors, on the ceiling, or in the foyer to set the scene and make a good first impression.

The kitchen can take on a fresh new look simply by replacing the pulls and knobs on the cabinets.

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Product review: “spring” Tide

THE PRODUCT: Tide liquid laundry detergent with Febreze in Spring & Renewal scent.

THE PITCH: This detergent will make your clothes clean and rid them of any stubborn odors.

THE PROS: Clothes came out of the washer clean.

THE CONS: Clean clothes did not smell renewed or like spring. They had an unpleasant odor – sour and a little medicinal – that is like nothing we’ve ever smelled before on clean clothes. Or anywhere else.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you like your regular detergent, stick with it. If you’re looking for a new detergent, look past this one.

Detroit Free Press

Donate your produce

So far this summer, 52,913 pounds of fresh produce has been donated to the needy through Plant a Row for the Hungry. Fruits and vegetables from the garden at their peak can be taken to these locations:

Kansas Food Bank, 1919 E. Douglas; Augusta Ace Home Center, 316 W. Seventh, Augusta; Brady Nursery, 11200 W. Kellogg; Hillside Nursery, 2200 S. Hillside; Hillside Feed and Seed, 1805 S. Hillside; Johnson’s Garden Centers, 802 N. Ridge Road, 21st and Woodlawn, 2707 W. 13th St.; and Valley Feed & Seed, 1903 S. Meridian.

In bloom at Botanica

Black-eyed Susans, including this Rudbeckia hirta “Autumn Colors,” in the Shakespeare Garden.

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