Nine ideas for making your hallway more interesting

06/27/2014 12:14 PM

06/27/2014 12:15 PM

Hallways don’t need to be wasted space. Use these ideas to fill them with interest.

• Color tricks: If the hallway is long, you can “shorten” it by painting the wall at the end a deep, dark color. That will make that wall feel closer, thereby making that hallway less long and lanky.
• A little reflection: A large mirror on one side or the other of the hallway will make a narrow space feel a bit more open. Another thought is to have several smaller mirrors arranged aesthetically on one side wall to give interest as well as a feeling of openness.
• Let there be light: Giving light to the hallway will make it feel more like a room rather than a passageway. Consider wall sconces that will not only add light but also add artistic beauty to the space. Another illuminating idea is to hang pendants from the ceiling down the hallway. This will give that space a personality of its own.
• Sit and stay a while: If the hallway has the space, add a bench. Not that anyone will sit there, but the bench will make the corridor inviting and welcoming.
• A pretty focal point: Let’s go back to the end of that hallway. Another thought is to make it a focal point with a table and art hanging over the table, or a chair/bench with art on the wall above it. This idea isn’t reserved just for long hallways; it can be used in any corridor that has the space for it.
• Liven up the walls: Interesting wallpaper or perhaps faux paint on the hall walls will show that this space hasn’t been ignored.
• Display collections: If the hall is wide enough, hang shelves on one side for displaying a collection. If your hallway isn’t wide enough, what about showcasing family pictures?
• A place for everything: In a hallway to the garage, hang hooks for car keys. Add outlets on the wall with cubbies for each family member to have their own plug-in area for phones. The cubbies also can be used for leaving messages for family members. Hooks can be added for coats, if space allows.
• Bring the outdoors in: If the hallway has natural light, add live greenery to the space. If not, there is nothing wrong with having silk plants, so long as they look authentic.

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