The Grapevine (April 26)

04/26/2014 7:49 AM

04/26/2014 7:50 AM

This week in the garden

Master gardener Everett Price continues to plant lettuce plants and a succession of green onions this week in his garden in Haysville. He is starting to harvest asparagus that has reached 6 to 8 inches, as well as some leafy greens. “Most of the plants are looking pretty nice,” he says. The flea beetles seem to have departed the arugula and mustard since he treated them with neem oil. “It looks like the new growth is looking good, without pinholes.”

Price is hardening off the tomato and pepper plants he started from seed indoors and is weighing when to plant them outside. “I’m still looking at the first of May to be safe.”

Kitchen helper product

A sturdy, 8 3/4-inch silicone ring called the Staybowlizer was a hit at the recent International Housewares Show in Chicago, where it earned an Innovation Award. Use it to secure a makeshift double-boiler; under a bowl when whisking vinaigrettes and batters; as a trivet; and as a second pair of hands for anyone who’s less than steady in the kitchen. It is oven-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe. $24.99. Available on and For more information, go to

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Basil tip

Sweet basil should not be planted out until nighttime temperatures are consistently in the 50s or warmer. Plants in hand can be grown together in 12-inch or larger pots. Bring them under cover on cool nights. In May, transfer the basil to garden beds or keep it as a handy container-grown plant. Small ones will grow vigorously in the heat of the next few weeks.

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In bloom at Botanica

Irises, including Rimaround, around Grandma’s House in the Downing Children’s Garden.

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