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Light up the yard

After sundown, even the best-laid garden loses its shape. The remedy? “Light the perimeter boundaries to expand your garden at night,” says garden blogger Ryan Benoit of La Jolla, Calif. An engineer by training, he taught himself to solder strips of warm-white LEDs. For people who experience technical difficulties: String up the Christmas lights in August.

Benoit and his wife, Chantal Aida Gordon, are renters whose “lawn” is artificial turf, and they’re keepers of

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Garden tip

Ripening ears of corn are magnets for squirrels, raccoons and other four-legged pests: Wrap the fattening ear in aluminum foil to discourage rodent snacking. Ears are ready when the silks begin to brown and the kernels are full and milky when pierced with a thumbnail.

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In bloom at Botanica

Cannas, including Canna generalis “South Pacific Scarlet,” an All-America Selections flower award winner for 2013, in the Linda Stewart Evaluation Garden.

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