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Hostapalooza next weekend

You can learn about hostas and find unusual plants and garden accessories for sale at Hostapalooza on May 25 at the Extension Education Center, 21st and Ridge Road. There will be hostas, Japanese maples, dwarf conifers, caladiums, hypertufa pots, daylilies and art for sale; food; and speakers, including “Hosta Guy” Rob Mortko. The garden celebration will be from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is sponsored by the Wichita Hosta Society. Admission is free. Pictured above: the Hosta of the Year, Rainforest Sunshine.

Mugo pine trim

Mugo pines are pruned in May by removing a portion of the new needle bundles, which are called candles. Take care not to slice through emerging needles; prune the candles so that the remaining needles are fully intact.

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Handyman Q&A

Q: Is there an effective way to get rid of wasp nests under the eaves of your house without chemicals? We get a lot of sun and a lot of nests.

A: Ruth Ann Norton, executive director of the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative, answers: The best action is prevention. Scout from mid-spring on for small nests. Early on a chilly morning, before wasps have revved up for the day, knock down the nests with a pole, a strong jet of water from a hose, or even your kid’s Super Soaker — then step on the nest. If wasps set up shop too close to home (especially in wall voids) and you didn’t catch them early, hire a professional to remove the nest.

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In bloom at Botanica

Japanese rose, aka Kerria japonica, in the Hanna Jabara Entry Garden, the Project Beauty Shakespearean Garden, and the Downing Children’s Garden.

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