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Designer Q&A

Q: All the homes in magazines look uncluttered, serene and gorgeous. My home is filled with chargers, docks and computer wires everywhere. Can you suggest some solutions?

A: Designer Annie Elliott of Bossy Color answers: Ah, modern life. I suggest consolidating: Have one docking station in the kitchen (on a shelf or in a cabinet with a plug, if that’s possible) and one on the credenza in your home office. Just embrace the problem by plugging in a power strip and keeping the electronics in one place. It sounds like the overall clutter is what’s driving you nuts. And magazines are not real life. Please remember that!

Washington Post

Canning jars go blue

The company that makes Ball canning jars saw jar sales increase 31 percent in 2102, a phenomenon it attributes to uses such as home decor and crafting. So creative types might be interested in a vintage-inspired jar introduced recently by the manufacturer of Ball jars, Jarden Home Brands.

The Ball Heritage Collection Jar commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Perfect Mason Jar, which offered a jar, lid and band in a single unit for a perfect fit. The commemorative pint jar is made of blue glass and is embossed with a vintage Ball logo and anniversary dates.

It’s available from or retailers that sell canning supplies. The suggested retail price is $13 for a package of six jars.

Akron Beacon Journal

Time to revive houseplants

April is the month for reviving potbound houseplants. Remove plants from pots to examine root systems. In stubborn examples, run a knife between the inside of the pot and the soil to lift.

In extreme cases, cut plastic or break clay pots to free the plant. Tease or score roots to open them out, and repot the plant in a container slightly larger than the old one. Use fresh potting soil and begin a fertilizing routine for the growing season.

Washington Post

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