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December 22, 2012

The Grapevine (Dec. 22)

Little gifts can bring big smiles. Here are a couple of cute crafts that children can make.Hot cocoa jar

Little gifts can bring big smiles. Here are a couple of cute crafts that children can make.

Hot cocoa jar

What you need:

Mason jar

Box of hot chocolate packets

Box of candy canes

Bag of miniature marshmallows




1. Begin by opening the packets of instant hot chocolate mix and pouring the contents into the Mason jar until it is filled halfway.

2. Next, break five to six candy canes into tiny bits with your hands, or place them in a plastic sandwich bag and use a rolling pin to break them. Layer the candy bits on top of the hot chocolate mix, filling about a fourth of the jar.

3. Fill the jar to the rim with mini marshmallows. Place the seal on the jar and screw on the top.

4. To finish, tie a bow around the jar using the ribbon.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Cupcake socks

What you need:

Pair of fun socks, maybe with a holiday theme

Rubber band

Piece of card stock




Craft pompom in red


1. Begin making your “cupcake” by rolling up the pair of socks. When you are done rolling, take a rubber band and secure so that it keeps its form.

2. Next, take the card stock and cut a strip 12 inches long and about 21/2 inches tall. This will be the cupcake “liner.” Wrap it around the cupcake. Make sure that you leave enough so that the ends of the card stock overlap by about 1 inch, and trim any excess.

3. Using glue, secure the ends of the card stock.

4. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the cupcake and glue it down the center of the card stock.

5. To finish, tuck a red craft pompom into the top of your “cupcake.” (Tip: Package your “sock cupcakes” in cellophane tied with ribbon.)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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