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Winter farmers market indoors at Extension

If you’ve been having farmers market withdrawal, or want to buy really local Christmas gifts and food for your holiday table, check out the winter market Dec. 15 indoors at the Extension Center, 21st and Ridge Road.

Because of the mild weather, the market will carry fresh produce, including organic herbs, lettuce, spinach and onions, said Kathy Pike of the market. Buffalo, venison and ostrich will be among the meats for sale, and baked goods, fresh eggs, fresh Kansas pecans and salsa will also be among the edibles.

Craft items will include Pike’s “ice branches” – sparkly-crystal twigs – as well as pottery and metal-works items.

Tree preservative: yes or no?

Research shows it’s not necessary to add a tree preservative to the water, said Eric McConnell, forest product specialist with the Ohio State University Extension. It won’t keep the tree fresh longer than plain water.

What is important is to never let the cut end get dry in the stand, because then it will seal over with resin and lose its ability to take up water, McConnell said. Slice about a half-inch off the bottom of the trunk just before putting it in the stand, and use a stand that can hold plenty of water – one quart for each inch of trunk diameter. And always keep at least a gallon of water in the stand, he says.

Because the part of the tree that takes up water is just below the bark, don’t trim the outside of the trunk to fit the tree into the stand.

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In bloom at Botanica

Ornamental kale, including Peacock Red, pictured.

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