The Grapevine (June 30)

06/27/2012 5:00 AM

06/30/2012 8:27 AM

‘July’ and ‘clearance’ go together

July is all about clearance. Retailers next month will be scrambling to offload “small, piecey stuff” to clear space for autumn shipments, says Dan Butler, VP of retail operations for the National Retail Federation. Plus, “people are usually going on vacation in the summer months, so retailers really have to promote their values strongly to get their customer in the door.”

So keep your peepers peeled in July for deals on some plants, patio furniture, general tool sets, accessories and storage units. Also be on the watch for summer white sales. But wait for clearance sales on grills.

– Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Keeping cats away

Q: Can you recommend any products I could use to keep the cats away from my yard?

A: You can try motion-activated sprinklers. They work because cats hate both water and surprise. Another approach is to sprinkle citrus peels or mothballs to repel the cats. You can prevent animals from eating the mothballs by hanging them in mesh or cheesecloth bags.

If the cats have to cross planted areas to get to your porch, you can try covering the soil with things they don’t like to walk on, such as large pine cones, rough pebbles, thorny branches or prickly sweet-gum balls.

– Akron Beacon-Journal

In bloom at Botanica

Summer Sun heliopsis, in the Downing Children’s Garden.

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