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March 11, 2014 12:00 AM

A ‘myth-busting' pregnancy book; resisting temptation

“Is it normal to be turned off by sex after giving birth?” is probably not a question many women feel comfortable asking their doctor – or perhaps even a close friend. Linda Geddes, a science writer based in London, has asked the experts on your behalf. (The answer: Yes.) In “Bumpology,” Geddes answers an array of questions about pregnancy and a baby’s first year. The subjects range from the serious – “How much alcohol is safe to drink during pregnancy?” (Excessive drinking is risky, but “the truth is that no one really knows what constitutes a ‘safe’ amount.”) – to the funny-but-you’re-too-embarrassed-to-utter-aloud – “Why don’t pregnant women topple over?” (It has to do with the shape of the spine.)

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