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Puff pastry palmiers are quick and easy

If you have no time to whip up an appetizer from scratch, consider gussying up some store-bought ingredients. One of my pantry favorites is puff pastry.

Fourteen resolutions and how to make them happen

While I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions, I do think that attempting to be a better hostess and friend is a worthwhile endeavor. (I also hope it’s a more likely success than joining a gym and actually going.)

Warm French toast for cold mornings – or nights

How long should one grind coffee beans?

Q: How long should one grind coffee beans? I’m breaking in a new grinder. Years ago I read that Starbucks ground their beans for 23 seconds and I did that. In the new grinder, 23 seconds turns the beans to dust.

A Christmas breakfast casserole that has it all

What you want on Christmas morning – a house that effortlessly fills itself with joyous sounds and delicious aromas. What you usually get on Christmas morning – towers of wrapping paper, hermetically sealed toys that can be opened by no human and a kitchen that demands way too much of your attention.

Bonnie Aeschliman: Cranberries add colorful, tart touch to cake

Cranberries are seasonal and, of course, grace many tables at the holidays in the form of a sauce of some sort. But I love to bake with them – they are colorful, tart and add a fresh note to many baked goods.

Dr. Pepper Sloppy Joes in the slow cooker

When you are busy getting ready for the holidays and taking part in so many pre-holiday festivities, it’s always nice to have a recipe on hand like sloppy joes for an easy dinner.

30 easy eats for fuss-free holiday entertaining

Fantasizing about throwing a big holiday bash but fearful you’ll spend the whole party – or worse, the whole week – in the kitchen prepping? We’ve got you covered.

Easy entertaining with a flourless chocolate cake

The problem with holiday potlucks is the travel factor.

The secrets to cooking and carving perfect rib roasts

With Christmas fast approaching, most of your questions concern how to select or prepare that perfect beef roast.

Are these kitchen gadgets worth your money?

Wondering about those hotly advertised kitchen gadgets? Thinking about purchasing them? Let's see whether they’re worth your money and, most importantly, whether they work.

Things to consider when shopping for cookware

When I receive questions about cookware, I recall the first set of pans I purchased as a young bride. The shiny set seemed to be a bargain, but considering the food I destroyed in those pans – it cost me lots in wasted groceries to say nothing of my culinary confidence.

Crisp, sweet cookies that are just a bit healthy

I was a happy little butterball when I was a kid. Sweets were my thing, desserts in particular. And chocolate desserts most of all. The one exception to the rule? My grandmother’s oatmeal cookies.

Don’t be afraid to make your own gravy

Thanksgiving is Thursday – a time we express gratitude as we celebrate with feasting, family and football.

A short course on the history of Thanksgiving foods

Ask the people around the table on Thursday about the history of Thanksgiving, and most will say something about the Pilgrims. Only a few might mention the Civil War.

Pot pie perfection with Thanksgiving turkey leftovers

Leftover Thanksgiving turkey needn’t be an afterthought. In a creamy pot pie, bolstered with root vegetables, it might actually taste better than the original feast.

Ways to scale back carbs during the holidays and beyond

Thanksgiving is but one day. So enjoy it (in moderation, of course). After all, it’s what you eat the remaining 360-something days of the year that really determines your clothing size.

Have a game plan for Thanksgiving dinner

For some of us, planning Thanksgiving dinner is an exciting “Iron Chef”-like challenge; for others, it’s more of an exercise in masochism. Whether you’re hosting your first Thanksgiving or your 50th, this is one meal that can be successfully tackled with a little planning and some tips.

Turn to bourbon for easy, warming holiday cocktail

My definition of the ideal summer cocktail? Easy to make, refreshing to drink. Come the winter holidays, I make only one change: comforting to drink.

Flavorings take cranberries in delicious directions

Homemade cranberry sauce is wildly better than anything you can buy, and it takes little time or effort to make. Plus, it’s easy to take a basic cranberry sauce and doctor it up in so many delicious ways.

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