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Ironclad cookery: The simple cast-iron pan serves as one of today’s under-the-radar trends

It may be the most versatile pan around, yet it’s hundreds of years old and comes in one color: the cast-iron piece de resistance. For generations of cooks, the pan has been passed along from kitchen to kitchen as an heirloom.

One-two punch of heat: Jalapenos and chipotles spice up burgers

Spiciness is in the palate of the taster: One person’s fiery dish is another’s too-mild disappointment. For the home cook, navigating heat levels can be tricky. One diner wants extra habaneros stirred into a dish, while the other can’t stand much more than a pinch of cayenne.

Six great books for grillers or barbecuers

We’re always torn when we look at new outdoor cooking books. Are they barbecue books or grilling books? As real aficionados of raking food over coals know, barbecue and grilling aren’t the same things.

Celeb chef Alton Brown bringing live show to Wichita

Food Network star Alton Brown is coming to Wichita in October. “Alton Brown Live! The Edible Inevitable Tour” will go on stage at Century II’s Concert Hall at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 28.

Prunes get their mojo back

Wrinkles can be cool – if you’re a prune.

Secrets to a summer full of great lemonade

Homemade lemonade is an essential taste of summer. But concentrates and powders simply won’t suffice.

The thrill of the grill: 6 new books to make your summer cookouts sizzle

It’s time to get your grill on. Memorial Day – the unofficial start of the summer grilling season – is creeping up fast. This year, there are tons of new grilling cookbooks out there to get you fired up. With recipes for steaks, pizzas, seafood and more, there’s a book to suit just about any taste.

Fresh produce now available at Wichita farmers markets

Short of picking it from your own garden, the freshest and most local produce of the summer is available at farmers markets. Here is a list of Wichita’s weekday and Saturday markets:

Summer food on the move

Summer is a great time to sample the culinary creations of Wichita’s growing fleet of food trucks.

Kansas beer breweries thriving, expanding

You can be the casual summer beer drinker who cracks open a cold one in the shade after a sweaty day of yard work or brat grilling.

A cook is only as good as his grill, enthusiasts say

Before he really got into grilling, Greg Rowe used to cook hamburgers and hot dogs on a cheap gas grill.

We all scream for homemade ice cream

Ice cream is always good in the summer.

Can’t stand the heat? Try these recipes in the kitchen

Lotus Leaf chef specializes in no-cook dishes

Ice cream ball falls flat

Perhaps you’ve seen those colorful plastic ice cream balls that purport to double as easy ice cream makers and delightful playthings your children will love.

How to make refreshing summer cocktails

When spring changes to summer, local bartenders follow suit.

10 deliciously different toppings for hot dogs

I’m a topper. No, not the kind of person who has to tell the best story in every conversation. I mean the kind who isn’t happy until his hot dog is topped with something beyond plain old ketchup and mustard.

Use grill to put your mark on veggies

The restaurant business has changed, and so has Curtis Isley.

Bite-size fun: Festive food for your next get-together

Butler culinary grad cooks up dishes for your next get-together

Grilled pizza an adventure that can be perfected

My best summer party trick – outside of the diving board backflip I mastered during middle school – is grilling pizza.

Lighten up with chicken burgers and garden fresh pasta salad

Pesto-change-o: It’s chicken burgers.

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