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August 12, 2014

Wine of the week (Aug. 13)

2012 Roots Run Deep “Educated Guess” Napa Cabernet

Recommended by: Guy Bower, WSU wine instructor, host of “The Good Life” radio program on KNSS

Price: $22

Tastes like: “Aromas of blackberry, cherry pie crust and soft toasty vanilla oak tickle the nose and then dance on the tongue. This wine is rich and creamy with a soft-tannin fruit forward mouth feel that keeps on giving.”

Pairs well with: “One-inch squares of 1/4-inch thick sliced bacon or pork belly that are baked and topped with a thin slice of smoked Gouda and a little roasted red pepper. Or go traditional and grill some big bone-in ribeyes topped with butter, garlic and sherry sauteed mushrooms.”

Comments: “This wine is from the Vintage Point portfolio, which has no big show place winery, no tasting room, no vineyards and no wine club – just great grower contracts and a talented winemaker, which make it possible for this Napa beauty to arrive in the flat lands at a great price.”

Denise Neil

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