Remember Mom with fruit dipped in chocolate

05/07/2012 5:00 AM

05/09/2012 8:02 AM

Mother’s Day conjures up all sorts of memories depending upon the number of decades we have experienced.

In the early years of motherhood, memories abound when sweet children labored over making the first card, colored with crayons with barely legible messages. A few years later came the breakfast tray served in bed — often with giggly children crawling under the sheets, watchful to make sure you consumed every morsel of poorly scrambled eggs, cold toast and weak coffee.

Teenagers, often caught up in their own world, may remember Mom with a card and warm hug. Then, as life progresses and children become adults, Mother’s Day becomes more significant. Flowers, special gifts, dinners out and other events are planned to celebrate Mom’s big day.

As we grow older and wiser, and perhaps our mothers are no longer with us, we realize how influential and wise our mothers were. We remember the struggles and triumphs of growing up, the special things our moms taught us and the warmth and love we felt as children that continued throughout adulthood. We recall all that with deep love and gratitude.

As we celebrate the day, there are many women who may not actually be our mothers but who have loved and nurtured others in significant ways. Perhaps a stepmother, a neighbor or teacher in your life was special to you. Let them know how much they mean to you with a small token of remembrance.

A lovely card with a sentimental note would delight most mothers, but a plate of beautifully decorated chocolate-covered strawberries would be a delightful token of love and appreciation. Here’s an easy but delicious recipe that mothers everywhere will enjoy.

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