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Homemade recipes as good as Taco Bell, In-N-Out, Panda Express

In a small apartment in East Hollywood, the sound of rush-hour traffic filters through the warm evening air. A group of tired, hungry friends voices a serious craving – not for some seasonal restaurant cuisine or even tacos, but for fast food. Crunchy, melty, salty, addictive fast food.

Food & Drink

Collards are the new kale

For a couple of hundred years in the South, cooks have been content with the same plan for collards: Cut out the tough stems, cut up the big leaves, cook them for a long, long (long, long) time, until they’re falling apart and intensely collardy. Serve them up with a little pepper vinegar.

Food & Drink

Dishes that bring out the best in tomatoes

A chef friend once told me that his favorite food is a perfect, ripe tomato. It’s hard to argue with that. A tomato has it all: a startling amount of flavor packed into a drop-dead gorgeous package. Soft, but not too soft. Firm, but not too firm. Just juicy enough. And when cooked, it goes great with spaghetti. For that matter, you don’t have to cook tomatoes for them to go great with spaghetti.

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