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Use your melon for cool, refreshing taste of summer

Today at 7:01 a.m.

You know you’re in the heart of summer when the melons come out to play.

  • Beer of the week

    Recommended by: Rob Miller, managing partner at Goebel Liquor, 352 S. West St.

  • 10 fresh ways to use fresh blueberries

    There are muffins, of course. And pancakes. And the obligatory fruit salad. But then what? After all the usual suspects, how do you handle a seasonal abundance of blueberries?

  • Dude food: Grilling king Steven Raichlen talks man-made meals

    Cooking may not be a gender-specific activity, but there are some characteristics that follow stereotypes more often than not (read on before you start to object).

  • Wine of the Week (July 16)

    Recommended by: John Michael, lead instructor, Culinary Arts at Butler Community College

  • Recipe: Crab and Chile Pepper Gazpacho

    It’s summertime and the only soup we think about is gazpacho. Gazpacho originated in the Andalusia area of southern Spain. Its base consists of tomatoes that are pureed and mixed with other vegetables and seasonings.

  • Preserved lemons add intensity to any dish

    If you close your eyes, you can imagine you are wending your way through the crowded streets of the casbah, with the camels and the open-air markets and the heady aroma of tagines cooking over charcoal fires. A bite of preserved lemon can do that to you, transport you to a land you have never seen or perhaps back to a land you once called home.

  • Spinach-and-basil stuffing dresses up extra-lean pork

    Pork tenderloin is as lean as skinless chicken breast – and sometimes just as bland. The trick is to gussy it up.

  • Ready to update that picnic salad?

    Summertime is high season for eating outdoors; weekend plans are filled with cookouts, backyard parties and picnics.

  • Wine of the week: Guenoc White Label Cabernet Sauvignon

    Guenoc White Label Cabernet Sauvignon, Lake County, Calif.

  • Don’t step away from the grill for July 4 dessert

    It’s July Fourth and the grill is roaring for all those burgers and hot dogs your crowd is hankering for. But there’s no need to step away from the flames for the meal’s sweet finish. We came up with an easy grilled dessert that is simple and takes just minutes to cook and assemble.

  • Sweetheart meals

    You may think you still have more than a week to prepare for Valentine's Day.

  • Man v. ‘nuclear wings’: Sauce, sweat and tears

    After what I witnessed last weekend, I really cannot advise my readers to take the challenges that Fat Tony’s, the sports bar at 417 E. Douglas, has thrown down.

  • Wichita couples’ wining and dining forges a lifetime bond

    When the members of one of Wichita’s longest-running gourmet groups started meeting for monthly dinners in 1994, they only sort of knew each other.

  • Want to become a better cook? Use your ears

    You expect a kitchen to be noisy. The tap-tap-tap of a knife mincing mounds of fresh herbs. The rhythmic beat of a wooden spoon mixing a batter. Fries sputtering in oil.

  • Five chicken salad recipes to make everyone happy

    What color is your chicken salad? The option-happy dish enjoys year-round rotation but seems to come into its own in warm weather. With the right combination of ingredients – starting, say, with a rotisserie bird – you can skip cooking altogether.

  • Sangrita: The sassy companion to tequila

    More good tequila is drowned by bad mixers than any other spirit.

  • Cookies from the man who brought you Cronuts

    Pastry chef Dominique Ansel, inventor of the croissant-meets-doughnut confection he christened the Cronut, is coming out with a cookbook in a few months.

  • Treat Dad to steak for Father’s Day

    Garlic and parsley stuffed into a juicy steak make a perfect quick meal for Father’s Day. Each year I think steak for Father’s Day. It seems to be what our Dads like best.

  • Beyond the kale: Give other healthy, leafy greens a chance

    You’re all over the kale trend, baking loads of leaves into crisp chips, sauteing bagfuls with olive oil and garlic. It’s time to break the hold kale has over your kitchen.

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