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Ski fashion: Rainbow of color headed down slopes

Bright is the new black when it comes to colors and styles for snow bunnies to look their best on the slopes.

Faux fur are truly hot gifts

Finding a knockoff version of the fur you want under the Christmas tree used to be a disappointment.

Holiday style: How much cleavage is too much?

Too much cleavage and too little dress.

Teen didn’t forgo school, activities while trying to make it as model

Devon Windsor had to decide how much she was willing to sacrifice in her attempt to become a top model. Her answer was surprising. She was a tall, lean, 14-year-old blonde fresh out of braces and excited to travel. She signed with the local agency West Model & Talent Management, and her family could have opted to take her out of the rigorous college prep school she attended in Ladue, Mo., and away from the athletics she loved to focus on her career.

Business owner talks winter appropriate business attire

Overdoing it is the biggest mistake people make with winter work attire, said Rachael Hammarback owner of R.H. Standard in Grand Forks, N.D.

Don’t forget to check your holiday wardrobe list

Dressing for the holidays is usually a spirited tug-of-war between practicality and whimsy. And thanks to the daily grind, practicality typically has more muscle. On one hand, it’s a special time full of visits and visitors. You want to look nice. You want to look as if you’ve been sprinkled with holiday cheer or at the least you don’t want to be mistaken for Scrooge. Holidays are the time for sparkle and shimmer.

Shellac requires special technique to remove from nails

Shellac may brush on like traditional nail polish, but the no-chip manicure formula requires a special technique for removal. To save money at the salon and remove the polish at home, follow these simple steps. You’ll need:

Growing trend for 2014: Orchid as top color

Orchid is growing on us: A version of the purple hue is Pantone Inc.’s color of the year for 2014.

Fitness chic: Gym clothes are now fashionable

So long, dingy sweatpants.

Best free, cheap beauty buys

’Tis the season of giving, which of course means that many of us have very little money left to spend on ourselves. The horror! Not to worry, no matter how tight your beauty budget is this season, you can afford to treat yourselves to these beauty freebies and cheapies.

Beards are growing on us

Chris Sorensen usually spends 20 minutes each morning carefully styling his beard and mustache. Other days, “depending on how critical the situation is,” it takes more than an hour.

Shirts feature magnetized buttons for ease of dressing

The MagnaReady magnetized dress shirt was created for days when buttons seem impossible.

Pajamas a perennial holiday gift favorite

Cynthia Greenwood’s three girls always get new sleepwear at Christmas, the only gift they are allowed to open on Christmas Eve. The sisters waste no time getting comfy before the family sits down to a holiday dinner and relaxes by the fire.

Black Friday survival guide: Top tips to get ready for Nov. 28

There are just a few weeks to go before the midnight madness begins on Nov. 28.

Consider the Mom rule when spreading good cheer on social media

It’s so easy to share all that holiday fun in an instant: One click and you can cover Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all your other social media accounts. Two seconds later, everyone who wasn’t included will know about it, too.

How to make the most of your holiday dollars

Now that Halloween is in the rear view mirror, all those black and orange aisles of candy, pumpkins and costumes are swiftly being replaced with red and green tinsel, ornaments and Santa everything.

How to look stylish on game day

Football fans have varying ideas of what constitutes as their “Sunday best.”

Olympic Team USA uniforms get Made in USA label

Team USA will now wear the Made in the USA label. Every article of clothing made by Ralph Lauren for the U.S. Winter Olympic athletes in Sochi, including their opening and closing ceremony uniforms and their Olympic Village gear, has been made by domestic craftsman and manufacturers.

Black Friday buzz begins

We just made it through Halloween, and the buzz about Black Friday has begun.

The right coat sends stylish message

Think a coat is just something to keep you warm?

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