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Expert advice before you pay to alter that vintage-store find

I’ve never had a piece of clothing altered. Not ever. I’m too cheap. If it doesn’t fit, I don’t buy it.

Bathe in your own fountain of youth

For most girls, their foray into makeup is brought on by the urge to appear grown up, mature, worldly. Fast-forward several decades and makeup becomes a totally new tool, no longer used to advance one’s age, but instead to slow the clock.

Know when to splurge on that special item

Every shopper faces the familiar question of when to splurge and why.

After hundreds of shows in New York, what will work in stores for spring?

Now that we’ve seen hundreds, maybe thousands, of outfits on the New York Fashion Week runways, what’s going to stay in our collective memory?

Maternity fashion takes a few steps forward

You never really know what to expect when you’re expecting, but it’s always a good idea not to stress out.

Basic blues: Going forward, Levi’s and Gap look to the past

While some denim brands are pushing the trends this fall – giving blue jeans motocross details, quilting finishes or leatherlike coatings – two of the biggest players are looking back instead of forward. Levi’s and Gap are both mining their archives and leveraging a nostalgic longing for decades past.

N.Y. Fashion Week has its head at the beach

Summer’s not over just yet, and some designers at New York Fashion Week were clearly focused on the beach Friday, the second of eight days of spring previews for editors, stylists and retailers.

Older brides increasingly unbound by the old rules

SherryLynne Heller-Wells always wanted a fairytale wedding.

Colorful Kors delves further into world of beauty

Michael Kors can’t really be called just a fashion designer anymore. He’s a full-fledged lifestyle brand, and that lifestyle is about to add color cosmetics and several new fragrances.

Makeup for menswear: Be a girlie girl or a tomboy

If you’re slipping into a tweed blazer, an oversized cardigan or a sleek women’s tux this fall, the right beauty look is the perfect accessory to complete your menswear-inspired outfit. The choice is yours to do a 180-degree turn and go with hyper-girlie, or stay strictly tomboy: Either can complement the more masculine clothing silhouettes.

This fall is time to get excited about new pants

Pants are always popular, especially with real women and real lives to lead, but they rarely spark a lot of excitement. What can you do with two legs and a waistband, after all?

Some ball caps are made to be washed – others, not

Working in the yard, running, playing softball – summertime activities can turn you into a sweaty, dirty mess. Not only you, but your baseball cap as well.

Beauty now: Spritz, spray and go

Beauty consumers seem to like the delivery of their products with the touch of a button, and brands are obliging them with more spray-on items.

New T's are heart of school nonuniform ‘uniforms’

The T-shirt is one of fashion’s most basic items, but even with today’s popular slim cuts, there’s wiggle room to change up the style. That can be pretty important to the kids and teenagers who practically live in them but like to feel that they have something new when they go back to school.

Go long: Women of many shapes, sizes can pull off a breezy maxi dress

One of the bright spots of summer dressing is the return of the maxi dress.

Pay attention when playing peek-a-boo with sheers

NEW YORK - An unexpected flash of skin under a sheer fabric can be sexy and sophisticated on a date, at a party, even in the office.

Socially conscious shoppers shedding fast fashion

– Kristine Huson can spot a designer label at Goodwill in seconds. She can zip through the racks of her favorite vintage store even faster.

Budget fashion chain H&M opens U.S. online store

After several delays, Swedish budget fashion chain Hennes & Mauritz AB on Thursday launched its online sales operations in the United States.

12 cool collaborations not to be missed

You don’t have to be a glossy magazine-addicted fashionista to desire – but balk at the price tag of – luxurious designer fashions. Likewise, just because you regularly shop for clothes at Target doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate great style. Thankfully, the worlds of high-end and low-end fashion have joined forces in recent years, meaning even those without a six-figure paycheck can don coveted looks for less.

Get a leg up this summer on flawless, tanned look

It was all so easy in the ‘80s. Spider veins, birthmarks, sun-starved flesh — all of it sat neatly concealed by the nude pantyhose we wore with abandon. No one was the wiser.

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