As year ends, reflect on the ups and downs of 2013

12/28/2013 12:00 AM

12/26/2013 10:37 PM

Where in the heck did 2013 go? Even after checking some notes of the happenings of the last year, it doesn’t seem possible that it’s time to think about resolutions. So let’s not.

This year instead of making the same resolutions that we’ve made for decades – at least that’s what I seem to do – let’s reflect on the year. It will be fun to think back and write down our personal events of 2013, the best time we had, the most difficult time we had, memorable moments, surprises, new friends we made, problems we solved, and things we learned.

Surely there’s more to the past year than Miley Cyrus, “Anchorman 2,” crazy Toronto mayor Rob Ford, zombies and “Duck Dynasty.” Or the words “selfie” and “twerking,” which are the two worst words added to vocabularies in a long time.

The Kardashians are still around. Pity. Kim Kardashian and her man, Kanye West, named their daughter North West. What? Kids at school won’t kid her about being named after a direction, will they?

Speaking of babies, Prince George finally made the scene on a hot summer day. Some were surprised he didn’t go home from the hospital in a limo; his daddy popped him into the backseat, and the happy family drove away.

There’s another no-limo kind of guy: the new pope. I knew I liked him when he insisted on going back to the hotel where he was staying to pay his bill in person. That was right after he was named pope. He lives in a modest apartment and rides around in a Ford Focus when he’s not in his popemobile.

When writing down the most difficult time they had this year, the people on the Carnival Cruise ship who spent days at sea with no air-conditioning and no toilets can print in all caps. That’s a scenario that wouldn’t bring out the best in a person.

Guess who resurfaced? Anthony Weiner, who didn’t have a good year. Again. The man should wear mittens at all times so that he can’t type.

A deluge of episodic storytelling (they used to be called soap operas) is on a myriad of channels. “Revenge,” “Betrayal,” “Hostage” and all those other titles that scream intrigue draw you in. “Orange is the New Black,” “Breaking Bad,” “House of Cards,” and my favorite, “Downton Abbey,” proved to be downright addictive.

But it was a real-life subject, Obamacare, that captured the news spotlight in 2013. It’s hard to believe the entire population can roll their eyes at the same time. Yes, fellow insured citizens, we will have some challenges in the new year.

But for now, reflect on the year. Laugh, cry, cuss, whatever it takes to appreciate that you lived through it and you’re ready to face a new year head on.

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