House is bare but outlets no longer overloaded

01/09/2012 12:00 AM

01/08/2012 11:19 AM

I asked my friend Sally to remind me next year when I’m dragging out the greenery and a ton of Christmas decorations how much I dislike taking everything down after the holidays.

“Well, quit doing all that stuff upstairs; nobody sees that.”

There is the problem. I decorate for us, for my husband and me. He finally admits how much he likes the holiday decor, and I am happiest when I’m overloading most of the electrical outlets in our old house. It’s great when other people say how they get in the spirit when they come to our house, but it’s so fun to walk through a twinkling house, guests or no guests. It’s a blast creating something different every year, adding to the collection of way too much stuff and stepping back to see the result of your efforts.

It’s that taking-it-all-down part that makes you pay for all that fun and twinkle. The closet under our stairs, just like the one Harry Potter had to sleep in, looks like a mini Hobby Lobby. The attic also looks festive, and the basement (also known as the dungeon) is where we store some of the big stuff.

As usual, while putting things away this year, I was thinking of new ways to display this and that next year. Of course I’ll forget my ideas by then. I used to make a few notes, but they made zero sense by the time December rolled around again. For now, the house looks bare, but the electrical outlets are no longer overloaded. My husband is pleased that we got through another holiday season without me burning the house down.

Don’t tell Sally, but I’m already looking forward to next year.

See? It’s hopeless.

Dance it off

It’s no secret that I’m a Kirstie Alley fan. Actually, I’m an official “Back Alley Girl” and have the T-shirt to prove it. The BAGs would get together and watch “Dancing With the Stars” when Kirstie was on. We’d cheer, brag about how great she did, then we’d vote like crazy.

But I like her for more than her dancing talents. The No. 1 reason is she loves Kansas. And she’s not afraid to say it. Here’s a girl who could have rung in the New Year anywhere she wanted, but she danced and had fun with her family and friends right here in Wichita, America, at the Candle Club.

Now Kirstie is going to go all over the world dancing and showing people just how much fun (and inexpensive) dancing can be, not to mention the physical benefits. The Back Alley Girls think it’s a great idea. She’s another talented Wichitan putting our city on the map.

What’s your favorite beauty product?

Your favorite beauty product is what we’re wanting to know about. It can be a moisturizer, a lipstick or lip pencil, a concealer, exfoliator or anything else that makes you look great. Here’s the deal: I need to know the exact name of the product, where you bought it, how much it cost and why you like it so much. I’ll compile a list of products you like and let you know a couple of my new favorites. E-mail, send me a letter or call on the phone. Thanks!

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