Bonnie Bing

A real, live human beats automation

It’s probably an age thing, but in my opinion and in that of many of my friends, automation equals frustration. No, not always, but could we just go back to hearing a live, breathing customer service human being on the phone?

Bonnie Bing

The to-do-list mentality: Procrastinate, then panic

The old things-to-do list is always there, isn’t it? Funny how some things are on the list for days, weeks, maybe even months before finally getting checked off. Those are the things we don’t necessarily want to do, and there is no immediate need to get them completed.

Bonnie Bing

Morning television full of information, not necessarily usable

It isn’t necessarily news you can use, but I’ll admit morning television can be food for thought. While I read the newspaper in the morning, a morning talk show gives me “pop news,” the weather everywhere but here (thank goodness for local cut-ins) and topics that will be discussed “around the water cooler.”

Bonnie Bing

Traveling is exhausting, expensive – so let’s do it again

Looking at the 16-year-old girl propped against the window of an airplane headed to Paris, it was difficult to imagine this person was Jamie, our granddaughter, who, like her older sister, decided on Paris for her 16th birthday trip with me. She was a little girl dancing around our house in a tutu not long ago.

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