Bonnie Bing

Bonnie Bing

Former Wichitan’s work behind ‘Jungle Book,’ other animated movies

Barry St. John, a former Wichitan who now lives in Los Angeles, recently got the Cool Dad Award. He showed his 9-year-old daughter and her basketball teammates the trailer to “The Jungle Book” before it was out for everyone to see. That’s a perk of having your dad be the visual effects associate producer on a movie that made $103.6 million the weekend it debuted.

Bonnie Bing

Turn unwanted gift accessories into someone else’s treasures

Whew! Boy, what a season. Perhaps you were like me and thought you had everything finished early so you could coast. Christmas has come and gone and I’m still waiting to coast. But oh what fun it was to ride in a bundle of family, friends and holiday hoopla. Now all those sparkly decorations have to be packed away. Where are those elves we hear so much about? They could help. Santa’s not the only who is ready for a nap.

Bonnie Bing

Going to the Emmys a dream come true for this Wichitan

Yea! One more thing crossed off the old bucket list. I have always wanted to attend an awards show, especially the Oscars or Emmys. So you can imagine I was just a little bit excited when my friend Sierra Scott got two tickets to the Emmys, and her fiance didn’t want to go. And bless her heart, she asked me.

Bonnie Bing

They’re good spellers, but are they good at math?

Have you watched the National Spelling Bee where the kids get up there, stand tall and spell words you’ve never heard of? Some look like they might faint. A few have fainted. Some act like it’s no big deal. And others have tricks such as writing the word with their foot on the floor or with their finger on the palm of their hand.


ICT Chalk Talks kicks off

The ICT Chalk Talks public engagement initiative kicked off Friday at lunchtime next to the Pop-Up Urban Park. Organizers have turned the facade of the Caldwell- Murdock building into a community chalkboard. (Video by Fernando Salazar/The Wichita Eagle)
ICT Chalk Talks kicks off 1:45

ICT Chalk Talks kicks off

Secretary of the Air Force visits McConnell 1:22

Secretary of the Air Force visits McConnell

Inside the ventriloquist's workshop 1:35

Inside the ventriloquist's workshop

High winds sweep through south-central Kansas 3:56

High winds sweep through south-central Kansas

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